Custom Retail Distribution

Enjoy all of the benefits of self-distribution with none of the headaches.

Procurement -> Warehousing -> Transportation -> Satisfaction

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You may want to consider a Burris solution based on economic conditions, efficiency opportunities, geographic expansion, categorical growth, space requirements, challenges within current supply chain model or contingency planning.

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As a Burris customer:

  • You maintain a very high level of control throughout the supply chain.

  • You manage vendor relationships to the extent you wish.

  • You can do what you do best and outsource the rest.

We collaborate with you in a true partnership:

  • We structure the deal financially so that we are both on the same side of the table working together to make the supply chain efficient.
  • We design a unique customized program around your needs and it evolves as your needs change. You get it your way.
  • We maintain a transparent and intimate relationship allowing you to have all of the benefits of self-distribution with none of the headaches.

Solutions & Services Include:

  • Full service multi-category or limited category programs
  • Flexible purchasing services and sourcing | Substantial purchasing power
  • Complete distribution solutions for all temperature requirements and categories from ice cream, floral, to fresh seafood, dry and everything in between.
  • In-house IT expertise including system integrations and custom applications
  • Company operated fleet and drivers
  • Inbound/Outbound Freight Management via dedicated company fleet or brokerage.
  • Network optimization
  • Facility design/construction

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