The Burris Logistics Timeline

Burris has a story tracing back to 1925 when John W. Burris and his father, Edward, worked together shipping tomatoes from the Delmarva Peninsula into Philadelphia.

On the return trip, they carried Acme Markets’ bread to its Delmarva region stores. Throughout its 93-year history, Burris has branched into food-service redistribution, public refrigerated warehousing and custom and retail specialty work.



Burris Express

Starting with two accounts, Acme Markets and A&P, John W. Burris and his father, Edward, worked together shipping tomatoes from the Delmarva Peninsula into Philadelphia. On the return trip, they carried Acme Markets’ bread to its Delmarva region stores.



1930: Burris Express sold to The Victor Lynn Company

1939: Burris Foods established

Burris begins laying the groundwork for eventually branching into food-service redistribution, public refrigerated warehousing and custom and retail specialty work.

Fleet of Trailers


Burris fleet of trailers

These trailers hauled all the groceries, bread and produce for Acme Markets and A&P from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia at the time.

Frozen Food Trucks

1940 - 1948

1946: Kent-Sussex Tire Service Company acquisition

Burris acquires this Seaford, Delaware-based business.

1948: Food Distributor: Frozen Foods and fresh meats

Late 1940’s: First Frozen Food Truck

Burris begins shipping Frozen Foods and fresh meats out of this freezer in Milford, Delaware.

Original Pick System


Original Pick System

Our original pick system in our first frozen food warehouse. The Burris Team Members are picking a load of Crosse and Blackwell Frozen Orange Juice.


A 25-year charitable giving commitment begins

Burris family members and employees first volunteer to cook chicken at the annual Milford Hospital Fair. This companywide fundraising effort continued for the next 25 years.

Burris Poultry


Burris Poultry

In the 1960’s, Burris also had another side business, Burris Poultry. Here is a picture of the poultry warehouse in the same building that is now our corporate headquarters in Milford today.

1967: Burris Poultry merges with J. McKinney Willis The Shorgood Poultry Company

Col. Sanders


In the early 1960’s Jack Burris was head of the Delmarva poultry industry. It was during this time that Col. Sanders’ came to cook chicken for the Burris Family. Jack, Lillian & Colonel Sanders (KFC).

Harrington, DE


Division of Bayshore Foods

Kane Miller later purchase Eventually Perdue

1972: Harrington, Delaware, facility acquired (pictured)

Originally built in 1973, the facility was added on to in 1995 to create 8 million cubic feet of freezer space. This retail case pick distribution center provides a full line of frozen foods to supermarkets, carrying more than 5000 SKUs.

1976: Burris Food Distributers sold

The company sold Burris Food Distributors, Inc. to Tom Pinto, a contract carrier for Acme Markets and A&P.

1979: Great Harrington Fire

Mildford Hospital Fair


Milford Hospital Fair

Jack and Lillian Burris and their son Bob.

Lyndhurst, VA

Early 1980’s

1981: 1st Board Meeting

1985: Foodservice sold to Sandler Foods of Virginia Beach

1986: First Formal Management Training Program started with Bob and Joyce Anderson

1987: Lyndhurst, Virginia, facility acquired (pictured)

Constructed in 1987, with additions made in 1991 and 1995, the Lyndhurst facility is 223,607 square feet with 171,889 square feet of refrigerated space.



At the time this photo was taken, Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream was the number one volume item being shipped out of Burris Foods Harrington Warehouse.

Sumter, S.C.

Late 1980’s

1987: Glacier was purchased

This is how we got the snowflake logo.

1988: Sumter, South Carolina, facility acquired (pictured)

1988: Federalsburg, Maryland, facility acquired

This 137,727 square foot, retail case pick distribution center serves the eastern U.S. It houses refrigerated dairy, deli, produce and other specialty products, carrying more than 4000 SKUs.

Superfresh Opening

Early 1990’s

1990: Harrington

1991: Chesapeake, Va. facility built, not acquired

1993: Sold Kent Sussex Tire Service


Jack and Lillian Burris together with their daughter Lilla and her husband Bob Hoopman, join Vice President of Superfresh, Casper Jenko for a Superfresh store opening in Baltimore, Maryland.

Watch the video


Pop Jack’s Video

Presented at Burris Foods Focus ’96 Seminar

Four Generations


Four generations of the Burris Family

Jack Burris, his son (and former CEO) Bob Burris, Bob’s son (and current CEO) Donnie Burris and Donnie’s one year old son Davis Burris.

Jack and sons

Late 1990’s

Pictured: Jack Burris with his three sons, Bob, Howard and John.

Benson, N.C.

Late 1990’s

1997: Benson, North Carolina, facility acquired (pictured)

1999: New Castle, Delaware, facility acquired

Strategically placed near I-95, and close to New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Port of Wilmington, this 135,000 square foot facility contains 14,450 square feet of refrigerated dock space.

BJ’s Start-up

Proud Grandfather


Proud Grandfather

Here is a proud Jack Burris with two of his twelve grandchildren, Megan Burris Fischer and Donnie Burris (current CEO of the company) at the opening of the new Burris Orlando facility in 2001.

Federalsburg, MD


Apr 28th: Burris enters Florida through SACS purchase

Included two buildings in Jacksonville, one in Haines City, one in Lakeland, and one in Orlando (which was sold). There were five buildings in total.

May 11th: Burris Foods, Inc., becomes Burris Logistics

Sept 11th: Rolled out first in-house warehouse (pictured)

Operating system V3 installed at Federalsburg. What a date in history for Burris and America

Purchased Webster MA freezer later sold in 2004; New freezer acquired for Orlando, Florida, facility

This equipment acquisition brought facility’s total refrigerating space capacity to a 7,400,000 cubic feet.

2002 - 2003

2002: Federalsburg Wins “Vendor of the Year Award”

Started in 2002 and for years after, Federalsburg Wins “Vendor of the Year Award” from Giant Landover

2003: Federalsburg, Maryland and Jacksonville, Florida, facilities acquired; Jacksonville, Florida, freezer renovation and addition; Second Lakeland, Florida, facility acquired

The Federalsburg facility serves the eastern U.S. as a retail case pick distribution center for refrigerated dairy, deli, produce and more specialty products, with more than 4000 SKUs. The Jacksonville facility is convenient to both I-95 and I-10 and features 7,650,158 cu. Ft of refrigerated space.

The Lakeland facilities are 30 miles from Tampa, 40 miles from Manatee and 50 miles from Orlando. This central Florida location serves customers on both of the state’s coasts, as well as much of its citrus industry.

John Burris

2004 - 2005

Jan 2004: John E. “Jack” Burris, 3rd generation leader passes

“A Mountain of a Man with the Soul of an Angel”

Jul 2004: Vocollect Selection Process

Sep 2004: Freezer capacity increased at Elkton, Maryland, facility

New equipment acquisition increases the total of refrigerated space available at the Elkton facility to 6,196,161 cubic feet.

2005: Purchased D.L. Matthews incorporated into Federalsburg.

Philadelphia, PA

Aug 2007

Burris acquires Honor Foods, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Burris Logistics strengthened its foodservice redistribution capabilities when it welcomed Honor Foods to the Burris family.

Atlanta, GA

Nov 2007

Atlanta, Georgia The Fresh Market distribution program


Apr: The Burris Brand is developed

The goal of this initiative was to establish a unified voice for Burris Logistics and present one brand to the company’s internal and external audiences. Through a series of customer interviews, employee research and a competitive analysis, a new Burris brand platform was created that captured the essence of the organization.

Aug: Freezer capacity increased at Rocky Hill, Connecticut, facility

New equipment acquisition increases the total of refrigerated space available at the Elkton facility to 9,605,000 cubic feet.


Jan: Burris University

Jun: Burris acquires N. Winer & Son, Springfield, Massachusetts

Burris Logistics added to its foodservice redistribution capabilities when it welcomed N. Winer & Son to the Burris family.

Sumter, S.C.

Early 2010

Jan: Sold Sumter, SC, Benson, NC and Chesapeake, VA freezers (pictured)


Presented to us in recognition of our valued partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club.

May: Business Segments

Custom Supply Chain Solutions, Foodservice Redistribution, Cold Storage, Transportation Management

Jul: Burris Delivers for You

A culture of integrity focused on exceptional customer service. A track record of starting up challenging programs delivered with flawless implementation. Seamless integration across any and all I.T. platforms and business processes. Guaranteed performance levels that customers can count on. Effective management of consigned or owned inventory through extensive procurement expertise. Strong vendor relationships that benefit our clients and vendors alike.

Bob Burris

Sep 2010

Sep 20th: Robert D. “Bob” Burris, 4th Generation Leader passes

The 4th generation leader of Burris Logistics died on September 19 at his home in Milford, Delaware. Bob began working for the family business at age 12. Throughout his life, Bob willingly passed along his ideas, wisdom and natural talents as a successful businessman to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Donnie Burris

Oct 2010

Donnan R. “Donnie” Burris selected to be CEO

On October 25, the 5th generation of Burris family leadership begins as Donnie Burris assumes the role as CEO of Burris Logistics.

April 2014

Remembering Lillian Marshall Burris

Lillian Marshall Burris passed away Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in her home surrounded by family. She was 94.

Refrigerated warehouse in McDonough, Georgia

March 2018

The opening of a 250,000 square-foot public refrigerated warehouse in McDonough, Georgia.