Why Burris?

You deserve a partner you can trust. At Burris, we constantly review our operations to ensure that what you need will be on time, in stock and accurate.

We make it happen — the way you need it and expect it — every day. If not, we pay the price and make it right — guaranteed.

Burris will work to gain your trust today and be here to maintain it tomorrow.

Our People

The Burris family strives to foster a culture of honesty and integrity by what we say and what we do. The decisions we make every day reflect on our family, so we don’t do anything that’s going to embarrass us.

What does this mean to you as a customer? It means you’ll get exceptional service, continuity, and the assurance that your business partner is going to be here for you today — and tomorrow.

Our Technology

Burris uses advanced technology to drive down costs at all levels of our business. We write most of our own software — which makes us unique in this industry — enabling us to do things faster than our competitors. We make it easy for technologies to meet and connect on virtually any platform and environment.

Our Heritage

Since 1925, the Burris family business has expanded and evolved. Today, national retailers like BJ’s Wholesale Club® turn to us for custom supply chain solutions. We’re one of the largest and most sophisticated controlled-temperature food distribution operations in the nation, and we continue to build upon our heritage of integrity, quality and dependability.