Burris Logistics Distribution Center
Federalsburg, MD

General Manager Contact

William Paskey

William Paskey

General Manager

Federalsburg’s Philosophy

“In Federalsburg, MD we approach everything with the mindset of “People First.” Whether it is Burris team members or our customers, we believe in open communication and empowering everyone in decision making. The knowledge and insight of all parties help build stronger relationships and programs. When everyone is working together and committed to the cause, we can Make It Happen for our customers.

Federalsburg has always focused on versatility. We have the storage solutions for multiple temperature ranges and the team member expertise to handle many varieties of product. Our recent shift to expand our Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment ability has helped to connect our warehouses with services that ensure timely parcel delivery of consumer product right to their doorstep.”

Facility Specs

  • Total sq. footage: 137,727 ft2
  • Four Rooms: all can either be freezer or refrigerated
  • Assortment of frozen, refrigerated, and dry specialty products – frozen, refrigerated, and dry capability for storage and distribution
  • Full transportation fleet with east coast logistics capabilities
  • Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for E-commerce partners

Burris LogisticsIn Federalsburg, our cold storage distribution warehouse stays busy. As a refrigerated logistics company in Maryland, we offer retail distribution services that act as an extension of your supply chain. Highly customized services include time-intensive procurement, distribution by a fleet of reefer trucks, and storage. Our warehouse management team is experienced in storing sensitive food products that offer precise and punctual distribution by leveraging our in-house logistics technology team and a dedicated fleet of drivers. 

Our Federalsburg distribution center is a part of our Custom brand. We specialize in a multitude of distribution services to include: full-service multi-category or limited category programs, flexible purchasing services and sourcing, complete distribution and warehousing for all temperature requirements, in-house IT expertise for system integration and custom applications, a company-operated fleet with employee drivers, and inbound/outbound freight brokerage. We are a Maryland logistics company that is here to help you with your supply chain needs! 

Our Federalsburg Team is standing by to offer you the WOW Service you deserve. Please call us at 1-800-805-8135 or contact our ONEBURRIS Sales Team to discuss a partnership.


3946 Federalsburg Hwy.
Federalsburg, MD 21632
Phone:(410) 820-6930
Fax: (410) 803-5526


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