Honor Foods Redistribution & Logistics Center
Philadelphia, PA

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Walt Tullis

Walt Tullis


Honor Foods Philosophy

“Honor Foods is a Foodservice Redistributor specializing in frozen, refrigerated, and dry products from over 300 manufacturers. Honor serves over 600 Distributors in 14 Mid-Atlantic and New England states.”

  • Our professional Sales Team works with our Customers to find the right product fit for their needs.
  • A Purchasing Department that ensures that our Customers have the inventory they need on a timely basis.
  • Transportation fleet that includes 53 foot multi-temperature trailers to ensure quality controlled products to our customers.

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Facility Specs

  • Modern 3-temperature warehouse
  • Advance RF picking system
  • Services Provided
  • Imports/Export Specialists
  • Delivery and Pick-Up Service

​Honor Foods is a foodservice redistribution company located in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a Foodservice redistributor, Honor Foods purchases food products from manufacturers and producers. Product is stored in large inventories at our warehouse, available in more appropriate volume for our foodservice distributors. As a Philadelphia logistics company, we specialize in receiving, storing, and transporting frozen vegetables and dairy foods to restaurants, academic institutions, and government facilities. Our Refrigerated shipping is the best bar none. Our trucks are temperature-controlled, which means that your frozen goods will arrive safely, maintaining the highest quality! Our dedicated fleet provides the same services as a Freight company, shipping around 2500 stocked items from 275 brand name companies plus quality in-house brands. Our Transport logistics’ reach is from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast, which includes 14 states in total.

We offer commodity-driven competitive pricing and customer service that sets us apart from other foodservice redistributors. We outranked our five top regional competitors in a recent, independent customer satisfaction study based on four key areas: customer service, sales representation, product line, and company image. Our team’s flexibility and responsiveness make it easy for you to buy more efficiently, lower your minimums, shorten lead times, reduce inventory, increase turns, improve cash flow, and ultimately, be more profitable. Customer service is our specialty, so if you need to partner with a Logistics company in Philadelphia, give us a call at 800-462-2890 to place an order, open an account, or learn more! We are here to provide you with the best foodservice redistribution in the Northeast!


5505 Tacony Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Phone:(215) 236-1700
Fax:(215) 235-2020


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