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Burris Logistics’ Lakeland Warehouse Receives Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award


Issue Date:  July 6, 2012
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Burris Logistics’ Lakeland warehouse recently received a Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award from USF SafetyFlorida. This is the facility’s first award.

The 118,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled warehouse is part of a network of 13 facilities located throughout the East that service the food industry. The family-owned and operated company is based in Delaware and has been in business for 87 years.

Safety and health is a top priority for Burris’s Lakeland warehouse. For the last three years, it has not incurred a single recordable injury. Its commitment to safety is shared not only by management but by its employees as well. A safety committee meets monthly and performs regular safety inspections. Furthermore, the committee ensures employees are properly trained, outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE), and can provide feedback through a safety suggestion form.

The hazards associated with operating a large warehouse are numerous. From exposure to cold temperatures and being struck by a forklift to slips, trips and falls and lock-out/tag-out, Burris’s management takes great care to ensure the safety of all its employees. The company handles this successfully through teamwork and dedication to its employees.

USF SafetyFlorida’s David Ashman started consulting with the Lakeland facility in December. He says he immediately noticed management’s involvement in the entire safety process and their concern for the safety and well-being of their employees. “They truly care about their employees and maintaining a safe work environment,” adds Ashman.

USF SafetyFlorida gives its Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award to Florida small businesses that demonstrate a commitment to exemplary workplace safety and health efforts. To earn the award companies must receive an on-site consultation; correct any hazards, if found; and involve employees in the company’s safety and health efforts. To learn more about USF SafetyFlorida and the importance of workplace safety and health, visit

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