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ACME Markets renews relationship with Burris Logistics

September 2014

Issue Date:  September 15, 2014

(MILFORD, DELAWARE) — ACME Markets, with 110 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland has chosen to extend a long-standing partnership with Burris Logistics, one of the largest temperature-controlled distribution operations in the country.

“ACME Markets was established in 1891, Burris Logistics, in 1925,” shares Brian Haley, Vice President, Sales and Purchasing for Burris. “Shortly after our first trucks were on the road, Burris worked with ACME to provide a distribution solution. Nearly 90-years later, and our successful partnership, continues.”

“Recently, ACME completed a scheduled evaluation of their frozen/perishable supply chain, including the long-standing relationship with Burris,” shares Dennis Clark, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising for ACME Markets. Acme’s transition to the New Albertson’s Inc. (NAI) organization provided opportunities for new supply chain solutions. Becoming a division of NAI, offered our stores an opportunity to partner with alternative providers, if so desired.” As to be expected, there were compelling reasons for both a new partner and continuation of our current, outsourced solution. “We evaluated all aspects carefully,” outlines Dennis. “From the unambiguous financial factors, to the more abstract benefits of a known relationship — we took everything into consideration. In the end, we made a comfortable and confident decision for a several-year extension to our relationship with Burris Logistics.”

Following weeks of research, the ACME team felt there were two key factors in selecting Burris.

“First — Burris offered a very competitive solution.” summarizes Dennis. “A Burris team is in-house, working side by side with us as colleagues. As a result, there is an intuitive awareness for forecasting, promotional calendars, and events. Burris helps us take advantage of every buying opportunity and every window of increased visibility.”

In an industry with significant peaks and valleys, the second factor in ACME’S decision to renew with Burris related to unconditional support and service. “We have markets where the entire business model is built from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and we can’t miss a moment in this short season,” conveys Dennis. “Without hesitation, Burris steps up and delivers. That form of superior service provides comfort and allows ACME leadership to focus attention on other aspects of growth.”

“Donnie Burris, the President/CEO of Burris Logistics once shared his organization’s goal was not to be largest provider of custom distribution, but the best,” concludes Dennis. “From being by ACME’s side with ice and frozen solutions when our communities lose power, to engaging in healthy two-way communications about more effective options, as our current tagline conveys — ACME is getting better every day, because we chose to partner with the best.”

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