Foodservice Redistribution

Redistribution is a vital strategic resource for many manufacturers. The newest division of Burris Logistics, Honor Foods, acts as a virtual extension of the manufacturer. This enables the vendor to service small Tier 3 and 4 distributors that may not be able to purchase in direct quantities, and also provides a fill-in option for immediate needs of Tier 1 and 2 distributors.

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Short lead times allow Honor Foods to function as a “virtual warehouse,” enabling all levels of distributors to offer additional products to customers without needing to keep those items in stock.

Quick Facts:

  • Centrally located in NYC-Philadelphia-DC corridor, serving customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region from Virginia to New England and west into Ohio
  • Multi-temp warehouses located in Philadelphia, PA and Springfield, MA
  • State-of-the art technology, including radiofrequency controls and transportation routing system, maximizes efficiency
  • Manufacturers can send one-stop truckload deliveries into Honor
  • Honor can ship just the right products in just the right quantities, with just one day’s notice
  • Experienced sales team provides our clients with product solutions for their customer base as well as helping reduce administrative costs while minimizing risk of loss

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