A Burris Driver’s Heroic Act. Saving the Life of a Stranger.

Not all heroes have capes, ours have trucks.

In November 2021, one of our drivers, Jauzan Brown, was out making deliveries during the holiday traffic to support the supply chain, ensuring that we stocked stores for the busy days during this season. However, his delivery went a little differently that day when he put his own life at risk to save a person from a burning vehicle while on his way to make his deliveries. We are so proud to have a hero like this on our Team!

On the day, Jauzan was on his way to his club to make deliveries when he noticed an odd glow coming from the other side of the highway. He approached closer and noticed another truck driver had already pulled over and evaluated the vehicle flipped over onto the driver’s door. 

Without thinking twice about their safety, they both ran over to the car and noticed no one was outside of it as they heard tapping come from the window. At that point, the woman’s safety was the main priority. Charlie Agganis, General Manager at Burris Logistics, said, “Thinking quickly, Jauzan used the empty extinguisher to break the car window and pull the woman out. His action came to him naturally. No hesitation.”

Not only is Jauzan a hero on the road, but he is an exemplary model of the type of Team Member we are proud to have at Burris Logistics. He represents our values such as our dedication to WOW Service, integrity, leadership, and making sure there is always a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

His managers and Team know him to be very humble and team-oriented. For example, he never even told anyone about this experience. Joshua Smith, Transportation Manager at Burris Logistics, said, “We received a phone call from a driver after the incident wanting to personally thank Jauzan for the role he played in this event. The driver stated without Jauzan’s assistance, things would not have played out the way they did.”

Joshua believes Jauzan’s work ethic to be humble, hard-working, and a family man. “If not for the other driver calling to inform us of what transpired, we would have never heard about this heroic act. At no point was Mr. Brown looking for recognition; when conversing about his actions, Jauzan responded that anyone would have done the same thing, right? I think we all know the ultimate answer to that question, unfortunately.”

Agganis said Jauzan is a “Dedicated team member who goes about his work safely and professionally. Very humble. In talking with him, he has two daughters, and he simply hopes that if either of them were in the same situation, somebody would do what he did.”

Besides his bravery, he is loyal, team-oriented, and MAKES IT HAPPEN for his crew at Burris Logistics. We are so grateful to have him on our Team! 

“Jauzan takes his profession very seriously, having a great understanding of the business and what it entails. One example of this was during a snowstorm in early 2021; we were forced to sit some loads for safety concerns; Jauzan was one of the first to make a phone call to see if his assistance would be needed for clean up. This was one of Jauzan’s scheduled days off where we were not expecting his services,” said Smith.

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