A Fully Connected Cold Chain

When it comes to cold chain logistics, finding a trusted partner is paramount. The variables in play can impact the products’ safety and quality moving through the entire supply chain. At Burris Logistics, we offer a complete solution for managing your frozen and refrigerated food products that include temperature-controlled warehouses and several transportation solutions via our brand, Trinity Logistics.  

We invite you to join a webinar where we discuss some of the intricacies behind cold chain distribution. We will discuss freight, warehousing, logistics technology, and the knowledgeable team behind the curtain. Joining our webinar will be three experts from Burris Logistics and Trinity. Mark Peterson and Mo Shearer have earned their expertise the hard way. Compelling stories from their experience will open your eyes to pitfalls you might have never imagined having to plan for. Moving cold products via train, reefer trailers, or ship is not simple work, and it is best left to trusted partners. Nick Falk also joins the panel from the Burris Logistics Business Development team. Nick has seen first hand the scale of what Burris has to offer, representing our organization in warehoused, with dedicated fleet management, and via brokered freight.

There is value in our size and service line capability, but it is not for the sake of being bigger than our competition. We pull from our experience and partner’s needs to be the best. This flexibility and scalability allow us to move your shipments confidently, knowing that it is our responsibility to put food on a family’s table. Join us in this conversation to learn how we partner with you to be an extension of your cold supply chain! 

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