A Proud Fleet, Taking Pride in Our Partnerships

Our Dedicated Fleet at Burris Logistics serves as a visible reminder of our Make It Happen culture and serves our partners and team members efficiently, effectively, and safely.

We keep our fleet well-maintained and our drivers well-trained to ensure when a Burris big rig is in your view, you know that all of the products on-board are transported safely and in the best quality to be stored onto store shelves, homes, and restaurants.

Our cold-storage transportation tractor-trailers at Burris Custom consist of 197 trucks and 456 trailers. Our Burris-Spec Freightliner includes: 

  • Low rolling resistance tires safely keep gas mileage optimal
  • Gear and axle ratios increase efficiency and driveability
  • Lytx® DriveCam – detects hard braking, swerve, accident and provides video review
  • WABCO OnGuard™ Collision System – warns driver, adjusts throttle, and applies brakes for the driver
  • Lane Departure system – prevents drifts with an audible alarm to warn the driver
  • Ryder RydeSmart System – allows office managers to monitor the systems remotely to improve mileage, reduce idle time, and manage driver service hours
  • Thermoking TracKing™ Temperature Monitoring System – Maintains a watchful eye on the integrity of our refrigerator systems to ensure the cold-chain blockchain remains intact – sends an alert via text or email if there is a problem detected in the trailer refrigeration system

Our dedicated fleet travels about 26 million miles a year, so improving our truck’s efficiency was crucial. Our dependable Logistics Technology and advanced safety measures help control the efficiency of our fleet operations, 24/7. Our technology can increase fuel mileage by almost 50% and lessen the environmental impact. We worked alongside Ryder and engine manufacturers to improve our vehicle’s design to become more aerodynamic to increase safety, along with decreasing mileage cost.

Saving fuel mileage was a huge win for our partners, drivers, and Team. Along with this, we were able to adjust our engine and axle ratios to improve our automatic transmissions for better performance. Andrew Evans, one of our Burris Drivers, said, “It’s a huge difference since we upgraded to more aerodynamic trucks and newer style transmissions.”

Our drivers are top-notch and often arrive at Burris because of the long-term partnership they can form with our family-owned business and customers. We require our drivers to be at least 21 years old, possess valid CDL A driving experience, and have at least one year of driving experience. To learn more about our driver qualifications, click here: https://burrisjobs.com/Drivers.

We are very proud of our dedicated fleet at Burris Logistics. Our trucks are some of the most fuel-efficient, technologically advanced, and safest trucks, making them the go-to for frozen and refrigerated food transportation management. We can offer a lower rate per mile because of our custom transportation solutions, which in return allows us to be more competitive for our partners. We are One Partner. Many Solutions. 

 About Burris Logistics

Established in 1925, Burris Logistics operates an expanding network of temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution centers from Maine to Florida and as far west as Oklahoma. This fifth-generation, family-owned enterprise provides leading-edge logistics, transportation, and supply chain solutions, coast to coast, through four distinct Business Units: Burris Custom Distribution, Burris PRW Plus (Public Refrigerated Warehousing and Direct to Consumer Fulfilment), Honor Foods (a redistributor of frozen, refrigerated and dry foodservice products), and Trinity Logistics (a global freight solutions provider). For more information about our trend-setting logistics and deep-rooted values® please visit www.burrislogistics.com.