Custom Software Load Diagram

What was the need?

An ice cream manufacturer had an increasing number of small orders resulting in inefficient trips to multiple locations to pick and deliver the product to the dock. Burris Logistics needed to develop a process requiring fewer trips to the dock. With a freezer temperature of -10° to -20° F and dock temperature of 36° F, the goal was to limit the amount of time ice cream was spending on the dock to 20 minutes or less.

What was the solution?

Burris Logistics Operations and Information Technology teams collaborated to develop the solution. Pickjobs are reviewed in the system to see if any are eligible for multi-pick creation. Those that are eligible are linked together and picked in a sequence that makes sense for the stops. If the job is identified as being eligible for multi-pick, the Selector is alerted via a voice technology solution and all pickjob labels for the multi-pick are printed together. Operationally, the Selector then separates pickjobs with pieces of cardboard. Once the entire pallet is complete, the Selector delivers the pallet to the door.

What was the outcome?

After a 4-week sprint, Information Technology released this new “Multi-Pick” solution to Orlando and made necessary adjustments. The team monitored the process and verified that it performed exactly as intended. Selectors now make fewer trips from the freezer to the dock since smaller pick-jobs are grouped and selected together before delivery. This efficient solution resulted in saving time while
maintaining a quality product.