Experts In Heavy Haul Shipments

A 3PL with experience in Heavy Haul who communicates effectively

Shipping heavy equipment, whether the load is for construction, lumber, or building materials, can bring a wide range of challenges along the way. Shipping heavy haul equipment requires specialized trailers burris brandsthat can handle oversized and overweight loads keeping in mind the legal requirements. From length to width requirement, from height to weight, the shipment is considered to be a heavy haul trucking as soon as shipping exceeds the allowed legal dimensions set by a particular state and regarding the specifics of the route. Here’s where Trinity Logistics comes in hand. 

Our Trinity team has the unique capability of problem-solving and offering you solutions tailored to your distinct needs. We have a clear understanding of the intense legal requirements that your fright might require. At Trinity, we are not only providing you with 3PL solutions for your Heavy Haul shipments but also help you with: 

  • The project management and planning 
  • Consulting you regarding the current rules and laws both federally and by state
  • Providing high levels of communication for your high touch Over-Dimensional and Heavy Haul freight  
  • Having access to an impressive network of specialized carriers can execute a wide range of Heavy Haul and Over-Dimensional shipments. 

While we are focusing on your needs and your shipment’s complexity, you can keep moving forward in the most timely manner. 

Experts in 3PL, we value safety and efficiency. We make sure that your materials and products get safely from point A to point B. All the proper carrier equipment, safety banners, state regulations, routes, and more are implemented correctly and fit your budget. Trinity Logistics relies on industry experience working with carriers and has developed strong relationships with carriers that provide the best service. 

As a 3PL, Trinity Logistics is the middleman between customers and carriers. We focus on operations running smoothly and efficiently, leading you along the way by utilizing TMS, so you and your partners can coordinate and monitor shipment in real-time as it gets shipped. That way, you can stay connected and focus on what you do best. 

Trinity Logistics has been leading the 3PL business for over 40 years, and we are continuously growing and evolving. That way, we can assure you that we are dedicated experts in satisfying all your 3PL needs.

 About Burris Logistics

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