Frozen Food Trends Part I: It’s All About That Ice Cream!

According to last year, “The frozen department showed two years of back-to-back growth with sales of $54.6 billion, delivering $918 million in growth. The top-five selling frozen department categories were ice cream ($6.7B), pizza ($4.8B), seafood ($4.8B), novelties ($4.6B) and complete meals ($4.5B).” One of the reasons behind the substantial growth in frozen department sales could be that households have access to more than one freezer. There’s an opportunity to take advantage of this extra capacity. From your favorite Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Chocolate Chip flavors to futuristic Avocado, Bacon, Garlic, and Wildberry Lavender flavors, ice cream can be found in 80% of the households according to NFRA. 

Storage and transportation of ice cream require a -10 Degree Fahrenheit environment, and it is VERY temperature specific. A single mishap in temperature can cause the ice cream to lose its taste, smell, texture, quality, and become unsafe to consume. Ice cream companies rely on a cold supply chain, and that is where Burris Logistics comes into play. 

Burris Logistics is responsible for providing customers with all the necessary solutions for safe and cost-effective ice-cream (and other cold foods, of course ) distribution. Our extensive range of services includes refrigerated truck transportation, temperature-controlled warehousing, distribution centers in strategic locations, IT support, real-time product monitoring, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, freight brokerage with flexible rates, redistribution, and more to support your specific needs. We also offer speed-to-shelf capabilities, as well as omnichannel, and multi-channel distribution. Yes, we are very flexible when it comes to the end-to-end supply chain!

It is our priority to provide you with WOW Service to build a healthy and sustainable relationship. Make It Happen with Burris Logistics! Learn more about our Temperature-Controlled Warehousing. 


 About Burris Logistics

Established in 1925, Burris Logistics operates an expanding network of temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution centers from Maine to Florida and as far west as Oklahoma. This fifth-generation, family-owned enterprise provides leading-edge logistics, transportation, and supply chain solutions, coast to coast, through four distinct Business Units: Burris Custom Distribution, Burris PRW Plus (Public Refrigerated Warehousing and Direct to Consumer Fulfilment), Honor Foods (a redistributor of frozen, refrigerated and dry foodservice products), and Trinity Logistics (a global freight solutions provider). For more information about our trend-setting logistics and deep-rooted values® please visit