Frozen Food Trends Part II: We Help E-Commerce Grow With Collaborative Solutions

temperature controlled storageThe promising rebound in the foodservice industry in June gave many hopes that things would soon return to normal. However, the continuous increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. convinced the states to roll back the reopening phases, which led to restaurants opening at limited capacity. Buying groceries online or in-store and cooking-at-home remained the main focus for the American families for many weeks to come. According to an AFFI report, “90% of consumers are eating more meals prepared at home versus pre-pandemic. Besides, 73% of consumers are taking more time to prepare meals than usual – both present big opportunities for the frozen food department”.

Among the main reasons for giving preference to frozen food items are the longer shelf-life, time-savings on preparation, the ability to stock-up in case of food shortages, and limiting trips to grocery stores. 

Besides the growing interest in frozen foods, consumers adopted new shopping methods and started to rely more on buying products online. U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2020 report conducted by FMI states that “Last year shoppers reported online grocery spend represented 10.5% of all grocery spending. That figure rose to 14.5% in February of 2020 and surged to 27.9% in the March/April period”. The fast-growing surge shows that the demand for online grocery shopping will not only remain stable but also will keep ascending. According to AFFI, “50% of consumers expect they will purchase a lot more (18%) or somewhat more (32%) frozen foods in the next few months compared to their pre-pandemic level”. 

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