Keeping You Safe Is Our Top Priority

Staying up-to-date with industry trends to include OTIF, and Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for eCommerce is hard work! However, our focus on Team member safety is what will keep the supply chain fully intact.

At Burris Logistics, integrity and Team member safety are our top priorities, so we can continue offering WOW Service.

Each of our facilities has different protocols and procedures to follow accordingly. To learn more about some of the guidelines, such as MHE Safety, Environmental Safety, Ammonia Safety, and Back Safety, we contacted Burris’ Corporate Director of Safety, Health, and Environment, Frank Ahern.

Here are some of the safety tips that Frank shared.

  • Ammonia Safety – many of our facilities depend on Ammonia cooling systems for refrigeration. Ammonia is readily available, cost-effective, and has a low environmental impact. Ammonia is safe if you follow specific protocols. Burris Team members in our geographical diverse distribution centers train to react to even the slightest smell.
  • Back Safety – warehouse work and long hauls can be very demanding on the body. Burris leadership makes sure that the wellness of our team members is a top priority. Simple tasks to include pre-shift stretching, adequate breaks, teamwork, and being mindful of the weight of a case will keep you healthy and performing at your best.
  • Environment Safety – working in a frozen or refrigerated requires more than just a heavy jacket and long johns. Our environment’s cold nature can lead to unsafe conditions caused by condensation, ice jams, and the impact temperature has on your body. Safety is still achievable with proper cleaning, insulation, and equipment upkeep. Clean environments are just as much about regulation and food integrity as it is about Team member safety.
  • Material Handling Equipment Safety – when you are handling over 500,000 cases per day, you depend on the mechanical advantage the forklifts and high-reach lifts provide. But, this added power comes with added responsibility. Burris warehouses commit to proper training for handling MHE safely. When you watch our highly trained team members work on the warehouse floor, you see a well-choreographed dance between MHE, pedestrians, and pallets!

Of course, safety in 2020 must also include stringent adherence to COVID-19 mitigation practices, as outlined by the CDC. Burris Logistics and our Team of essential employees recognized the need for enhanced workplace safety to ensure our nation’s supply chain integrity. Here is what we have done to keep our warehouses safe. 

  • Social Distancing – avoiding close physical contact and being mindful of the size of areas where more than one person needs to be.
  • Disinfection procedures – we provide adequate access to soap and running water. Team members are required to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • Staggered-Selecting – employing new selecting methods based on the capacity in each of our temperature-controlled warehouses.
  • PPE Availability and Training – Providing training about what personal protective equipment (PPE) is available, and how to wear, use, clean, and store it properly.
  • Pandemic Education – arming employees with updated pandemic-related information and supervisory help for Team members with concerns and questions.
  • Facility Safety – screening all Team members and facility visitors before entering the facility. Locations also provided food to reduce Team member exposure on lunch breaks.

We are happy to share just a small sample of what we are doing to contribute to a safe working environment. We welcome any safety tips, comments, or concerns that you might have. Feel free to reach out to Frank AhernBurris’ Corporate Director of Safety, Health, and Environment at

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