Burris Logistics Distribution Center
Orlando, FL

General Manager

Danny Ward

Danny Ward

General Manager

Orlando’s Philosophy

“In Orlando FL, we focus on team health and developing process excellence at every opportunity, through a completely collaborative work environment. Our dedicated and talented team are empowered to achieve high standards so that we can provide our customers with best in class service, while simultaneously developing an environment of continuous improvement for our customers, our building and our team.”

Facility Specs

  • Built in 2001
  • Insulated metal panel construction
  • Total square footage: 210,000 ft2
  • Refrigerated space: 7,400,000 ft3
  • 23 docks doors
  • 8 monitored temperature zones (60 degrees to -20 F)
  • Pallet positions: 24,000

Burris LogisticsIn Orlando, FL, our Burris Custom facility is a logistics leader specializing in retail and foodservice distribution services. Our impressive total square footage of 210,000 ft2 of warehouse space is among the largest in Orlando. Our distribution center’s heart is our frozen and refrigerated storage capability guaranteeing product safety and convenient freight opportunities for on-time and in-full delivery. Our dedicated fleet, with its highly skilled professional drivers and our well-maintained high-efficiency tractors and trailers, makes us one of the top-ranking Orlando carriers. We aim to serve your unique needs and help you focus on growing your business.  Our partnership allows you to focus on your expertise, working towards customer retention and marketplace growth. We handle the rest, fortifying your supply chain with procurement, warehousing, custom distribution services, IT support, and more. We always strive to MAKE IT HAPPEN, so your business can thrive and prosper. 

As a dedicated partner, we help you define what services would fit your business needs best, as we are interested in building the bridge to the long-term partnership that lasts. With this collaborative approach, our custom end-to-end supply chain solutions include a wide range of services, such as full-service multi-category or limited category programs, flexible purchasing services and sourcing, complete distribution and warehousing for all temperature requirements, in-house IT expertise for system integration, and custom applications, a company-operated fleet with employee drivers, and inbound/outbound freight brokerage. We are always here to help you along the way and ensure your success. 

If you are willing to partner and grow with us: please call us at 1-800-805-8135 or contact our ONEBURRIS Sales Team to discuss a partnership.


10900 Central Port Dr.
Orlando, FL 32824
Phone:(407) 852-7209
Fax:(407) 816-4123


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