National Nutrition Month: Ensuring the Quality of Foodservice Distribution

Plan to make nutritious meals by using direct-to-consumer products. 

March is National Nutrition Month®, highlighting the importance of making informed decisions about your diet, meal planning, and staying physically active. As a food logistics company, we have noticed a HUGE increase in the want for our e-commerce friends’ products, along with healthy frozen food products and produce options. 

National Nutrition Month® goes hand in hand for us with National Frozen Food Month. We are proud to be a company that can ensure our communities receive fresh, flavorful, and healthy food options. We have noticed more companies switching to produce healthier frozen food options to meet the demand for them from consumers, and more direct-to-consumer options are actively available. 

As a trusted 3PL, we can ensure consumers receive high-quality, affordable, and fresh meals through our advanced storing, procuring, transportation, and quality handling services for our partner’s products. Our temperature-controlled warehouses and frozen food transportation allow us to offer solutions to manage frozen food and produce items efficiently for our partners by creating custom solutions to match and exceed nearly any need they may have.

In 2021, more people are seeking cost-efficient, time-saving,Hungry Root and healthy meal preparation options to integrate into their daily diets. We work with some great e-commerce partners such as Hungry Root and Splendid Spoon that offer these choices. To ensure all of our frozen foods, refrigerated and frozen produce, and e-commerce frozen products remain safe, we take many precautionary measures by keeping our Team, technology, dedicated fleet, and facility design ahead of the curve.

“I’ve lost 60 pounds during the pandemic by purchasing and preparing lower-calorie options, organic when available versus dining out. If the country truly has put on the “COVID 19″ in pounds, I would expect that many consumers will use the return to normalcy as an opportunity to purchase organic, lower-calorie options to work off those extra pounds,” Kevin Tackett, Regional Sales Manager.

Health and nutrition have become a significant focus for many Americans during the pandemic and continue to move in the direction of lifestyle changes. “54% of all consumers, and 63% of those 50+, care more about the healthfulness of their food and beverage choices in 2020 than did in 2010; healthfulness is the biggest mover, more so than taste and price,” Phil Lempert, Forbes Contributor.

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