Case Study: Automated Item Batch Code

What was the need?

A provider of quality frozen and par-baked products to retail operators and in-store bakeries required full pallet and case pick operations and order pickup at Burris Logistics locations. The customer required Burris Logistics to provide a clean order fulfillment report prior to picking. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been the standard for sending orders and receiving stock along with the need to accommodate the customer’s redistributor with an 856 EDI document (advance shipment notice). This complicated document can have multiple requirements resulting in the need for the supplier to support many different formats and causing data collection issues.

What was the solution?

Burris Logistics Information Technology added additional select criteria to an existing software report for pre-capping orders. This allowed the ability to send detailed advanced shipment advice to the customer’s redistributor account.

What was the outcome?

The integration of this customer’s data can be applied to other distribution accounts as well. Burris Logistics accommodated item batch-code automated hold processing via EDI, designed and deployed product rotation optimization, as well as partial-pallet pick skipping to increase pick efficiencies. Additional billing benefits for the customer may be realized if there is a charge for partial pallets and/or pallet handling.