Case Study: Multi-Pick Solution

What was the need?

A trusted source of frozen dairy products required a distribution point for full pallet and case pick ice cream for domestic and international shipments. The customer required Burris Logistics to provide a detailed warehouse diagram indicating item, lot and quantity level footprint load.

What was the solution?

Burris Logistics Information Technology developed pallet containerization of one or more pickjobs and customized the software load diagram. In addition, Burris IT utilized a unique “Freshness Date” concept that included design, testing and deployment of five key processing areas:

1. Pallet-pick only (if an international order).

2. Design customer-based values to be used for minimal rotation code requirements.

3. Design all picking processes/adjustments on the floor to validate freshness date requirements.

4. Product rotation optimizations based on a window-of-time parameter.

5. Provide partial-pallet pick skipping to optimize picking efficiencies.

The Burris IT team designed an entirely new shipping-unit load-building program for international orders with additional design, testing and deployment of loading diagrams and placards. Additionally, voice-loading modifications were incorporated to accommodate the new shipping units.”

What was the outcome?

The customer’s needs were met and we have the ability to apply this solution to other distribution programs.