Keeping It Fresh, Smoothie Box Style

Keeping fruits and veggies cool and fresh for Smoothie Box.

Fruits and Vegetables are sensitive products that depend on efficient and safe storage, handling, and distribution. At Burris Logistics, our E-commerce partners rely on us to deliver their products to their customers with care and expertise.

June was National Fruit and Vegetable Month, making it a perfect time to highlight one of our partners, Smoothie Box, who we work with daily to support their direct-to-consumer needs. Smoothie Box is a sister company to another one of our partners, Butcher Box. 

How do we store and receive Smoothie Box products?

  1. We receive Smoothie Box products between -5 and -10 degrees off of the trucks. 
  2. We check the temperature of all of the products coming off the truck and the truck temperature to ensure they are correct.
  3. We count the number of pallets and products that come in, we check the amount for each category, and we review the expiration dates with our scan guns.
  4. We separate items such as their mugs/collagen, which do not need to be stored at -10 degrees like the smoothies do.
  5. Then we store them in our temperature-controlled warehouses at -10 degrees to ensure they do not defrost. This holds their freshness and allows their customers to defrost their products at home. 
“Since I started working here, I have tried every customer. I have ordered one box from every customer at one time or another. I like smoothies, I tried the clementine, and enjoyed it myself!” Dionne Baylis, Operations Manager in New Castle, DE.

To ensure Smoothie Box products stay fresh and at the correct temperature, we add dry ice. All orders are selected and weighed, determining the proper amount of dry ice for shipping. Dry ice quantity is determined by product, packaging, weather, and parcel transit time.  

Finished boxes pass down a conveyor line to be weighed on our scale to confirm accuracy. Boxes divert to shipping lanes where the appropriate parcel carrier is determined. Once they are in the right carrier slot, our partners like Lasership and FedEx ship them right to the customer’s doorsteps. 

Our logistics technology helps to tell if the weight variance is correct or incorrect with the dry ice. If it is incorrect, it will be directed into our reject pile, where team members assess what went wrong. It is imperative that both the product and the proper amount of dry ice are accurate to ensure our partners have the CORRECT items shipped to their customers. The confluence of technology and dedicated team members is what makes our process work. 

Smoothie Box and other E-Commerce partners push us to be better partners, as this is a growing industry reliant on accuracy and timeliness. We support Direct-To-Consumer companies from coast to coast.

Smoothie Box and other E-Commerce partners push us to be better partners, as this is a growing industry reliant on accuracy and timeliness. We support Direct-To-Consumer companies from coast to coast.

What gives Burris Logistics the WOW factor when serving our customers?

  1. Each of our partners has its own mod line. So, if we are working on Smoothie Box during a time frame, no other product(s) will be in that process besides their products. 
  2. Our partners have visibility into their product inventory at our Burris warehouses via our Supply Chain Portal; they can schedule replenishing stock with accurate forecasts to ensure we have enough of their products to process their requests daily. Technology allows us to adapt to seasonal and global trends without missing a beat. 
  3. We scan each box that leaves our facility, as well as which truck they are loaded onto to ensure our partner’s products are transported safely, timely, and efficiently. 

Smoothie Box and other E-Commerce partners push us to be better partners, as this is a growing industry reliant on accuracy and timeliness. We support direct-to-consumer companies from coast to coast. We are proud to announce a new Waukesha, Wisconsin facility to serve our partners with better parcel shipping times to major cities, including Denver, CO, and Fort Worth, TX. 

At Burris Logistics, providing WOW service for our partners is a MUST. One example Baylis gave was, “We start picking at 9 pm until 4 pm the next day, our trucks pick up from 8 am – 5 pm. There are different pickup times for the trucks, and we have one FedEx express at 4-430 PM. We have had customers email us they need their products overnight. We have then picked the product, put them in our cars, and driven it to FedEx express to make sure it gets to those partners by the time they need it.”

All of our strategic locations across the United States empower our E-commerce partners to scale their business at their own pace. We recognize that E-commerce is about reaching customers. Burris Logistics acts as their supply chain, providing expertise, temperature-controlled warehouses, logistics technology, and more to ensure that their product is delivered fresh and on time.

 About Burris Logistics

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