Packaging Needs for Direct-to-Consumer Programs

If you need to get the package right and ensure product integrity during transit to your customers’ doorstep, you need Burris Logistics.

Part of a complete Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment program is offering up expertise to our partners beyond just the warehousing and shipment of products. With proper fulfillment comes ecommerce food packaging that combines safety, design, efficiency, and product integrity. Once a shipment leaves our warehouse, destined for a customer’s doorstep, that product relies on a well-designed box and liner appropriately packed with the proper coolant. 

Why should you choose a third-party logistics provider for your ecommerce fulfillment needs?

Burris Logistics takes pride in over 98 years of experience running highly-controlled multi-temperature warehouses and translates that into Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment programs. If you apply the same logic that a warehouse is a refrigerated box to a well-designed corrugated box, you end up with a shipment that maintains product integrity at the right temperature. Our capabilities apply to any product, and our expertise is best displayed when it comes to food products. We consult with our ecommerce partners to help develop boxes to best fit their product type and number of SKUs. These boxes must be durable and sized correctly to ensure that the coolant inside protects the meat, seafood, or meal kit inside. 

How do you maintain a product’s integrity with package design?

Dry-Ice and Gel Packs are the most common coolants used to transport products via parcel shipping carriers. The coolant inside each box is accurately weighed and placed into each box to minimize temperature increases while also anticipating delays along the way. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be designed to separate products from the coolant to ensure an even temperature exists throughout the entire box. We ensure that our warehouse network is within a two-day transit using regional parcel carriers. 

How does our Team help you get your packaging right?

Sourcing packaging does not end there. Our ONEBURRIS Business Development Team can consult on everything from tape to exterior design and marketing inserts to maximize the impact you have on your customers. It is important to remember that the visual attraction of your parcel shipment makes for a more engaged customer relationship. Packaging is the only physical representation of a company that only exists on a virtual storefront; you have to Get It Right! 

We are proud to use our cold warehouse expertise for consumer products and dry capability to accommodate bulk packaging. Our Team Members know how to handle you with care to ensure that your customers have confidence in the product they are serving at their family table.

 About Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics is the operational brand of Burris Logistics offering traditional cold storage, distribution, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for ecommerce companies. Since 1925, this family-owned company has expanded its networks of warehouses from Florida to Maine, and now out to the pacific coast of California. For more information about us please visit