Supporting St. Patrick’s Day Trends with End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Precision, not luck: the prepared food logistics behind St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Burris Logistics trucks and warehouses are prepared to store, procure, distribute, and transport loads of food for this magical holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day. We are lucky enough to have worked with some of our partners year after year to fine-tune our end-to-end supply chain solutions during busy times, such as this holiday. We specialize in the precision handling of multiple categories of frozen and refrigerated food goods and related items at almost any temperature and within any point of the frozen food supply chain. 

Our storing, procurement, transportation, and distribution solutions are very particular. One of our main goals is to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure prompt delivery and full visibility of our partners’ orders to keep everyone satisfied and prepared 24/7.

During the busy holiday seasons, such as St. Patrick’s Weekend, we have our loads individually checked by in-house auditors and random truckload audits conducted by third parties every day to ensure we stay consistent even when we are busy. Our food transportation methods are top of the line, in large part due to our dedicated fleet and logistics technology services. 

Our transportation technology allows our partners to gain visibility into their supply chain whenever they need to. During busy holidays, this is especially important for our partners to manage, view, and track their supply chain deliveries. “We have our proprietary software, and we will soon launch a program that allows our partners to see the progress and delivery times of their loads in real-time,” says Jason Cardoza, General Manager of our Rocky Hill, CT Burris Custom facility.

As the weather begins to get warmer during the spring, we see a slight increase in product activity. We usually will see an increase in outdoor BBQ and grilling provisions. The warmer weather also helps deliver our products on time to areas typically impacted by winter snowstorms. 

We do see an increase within our warehouses of St. Patty’s specialty items like cabbage, corn beef, potatoes, and specific breads. A popular item, such as corn beef, usually is distributed through suppliers we have worked with for years. We can order from our reliable suppliers, store products, pick and transport these specialty holiday products to our customers as directed in a timely and efficient manner. 

Andy Stone, Director of Purchasing, says we see a significant increase in some specialty foods during St. Patrick’s Day. “Corn Beef from Julian Freirich during this time of year is a storage account due to volume; we began storing in early February. We see a big volume increase in product articles like cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.” 

Most people are used to and lucky to spend this holiday at their local bars and restaurants. This year, with more people spending more time outside of their homes, we believe that many will be celebrating with fun shenanigans, whether at home or supporting a business near them.

Mike McGraw, VP of Purchasing, projects our distribution will still be pretty normal this year, especially the way things are starting to get back to normal. “Our distribution should remain the same as far as corn beef sales; it may even increase due to Irish pubs and bars reopening and becoming busier compared to last year. However, some people may still be eating and celebrating at home!”

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