WOW Service

WOW Service: Superior Customer Service, Responsible Stewardship, and More. 

At Burris Logistics, the successful relationships we build with our customers through WOW Service are beyond quality customer service expectations. Our Team provides WOW service to our partners while showing respect and reinvestment to the community through responsible stewardship and servant leadership.

The Warehouse Team Members exemplify our values as a company to Human Resources Department and up to leadership. We take pride in having a company culture that our Team looks forward to highlighting our values throughout their daily lives.

“I take pride in helping people succeed and propagating the Burris culture that I strive to embody.”

Mathew Metz

A large part of providing excellent customer service, responsible stewardship, and servant leadership means we have to trust, value and support our Team members throughout every step of our supply chain process. This will usually bring our Team closer together as a unit to work more efficiently for our community, partners, and each other. 

“It is very family-oriented. We’re close as a team, and it’s not just as a manager or supervisor team; it is everyone. We work together to get to the end goal. Taking care of each other is the number one thing.” 

Dionne Baylis, Operations Manager


We pride ourselves on being a top end-to-end supply chain provider. The frozen and refrigerated food industry requires safe handling, such as safe transportation, proper temperature-controlled storage, etc. We know we have to be willing to adapt and listen to our partner’s needs with care, consistency, and excellent service. 

“The customer service expectations at Burris Logistics are rapid resolutions and assistance to any issues, 24/7. Knowledgeable and responsible guidance and support. We are pretty much non-stop responding to customers’ requests for improvements and enhancements. It is really exciting to be a part of a rapidly growing part of Burris Logistics,” Metz. 

Our Team is expected to provide WOW service by being present for our partners, figuring out the best solution for their needs, and adapting as needed by utilizing our tools (such as logistics technology) to ensure proper quality care of our partner’s products. 

“Our Team Members are thinking of how we can create the best experience for the customer base, thinking about what they do every day and how impacts what our customers see in the end result. The best way to say it is, “would I be satisfied if I received a product like this?”

Nick Lee, General Manager in Waukesha


Whether we are giving back to our communities or partnering with local businesses to MAKE IT HAPPEN together at Burris Logistics, this is of the utmost importance. Each of our locations utilizes some of the local businesses around them to continue to provide support to the people living in areas surrounding our distribution centers. 

“We are always trying to use our local small businesses for projects we have at our building, whether it be ordering lunch from a small local restaurant, signs for our building, or just being out at community functions,” Lee. 

Supporting nonprofits and other organizations is something that has been ingrained in our organization’s history as well. One example of our community relationship is the very long and joyful relationship with The United Way of Delaware

“When COVID closed many schools and daycares, the United Way of Delaware did an amazing job of quickly converting its in-person Reading Angels program to a virtual format to support Early Education Success. I was lucky enough to participate early on UWDE – Virtual Reading Angels: FB Watch.”

Trish Metts, Communication and Documentation Specialist

We always have the opportunity to support the community through the efforts of the Trinity Foundation and their various events, as well as consistently encouraging attendance and involvement in other community events, such as Wreaths Across America. 


Our Team is constantly working together to ask what we can do to better serve each other, our community, and our partners. This requires us to show empathy, exemplify respect, and be a support system for our Team, community, and partners. 

“I strive to show servant leadership by being empathic to my Team members and partners’ needs and roles when they face challenges and being a good support system for them,” Metz.

We are One Partner—Many Solutions. We provide WOW Service. 

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