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Variety and Consolidation Helps In Building Relationships.


You thrive in relationship building and yet understand the importance of finding ways to minimize overhead costs and ensure proper procurement strategies. If you’re looking for product variety, access to manufacturers, and industry information, you’ll find broad-line solutions here at Burris Logistics.

Our seasonal and supplemental warehousing allows for lower inventory, improved turns, order consolidation, and fast recovery from out-of-stocks.

Burris Logistics provides these resources so that you can focus on your unique relationships with customers in both sales and services.

There are a lot of touchpoints in the supply chain. You need a partner that understands redistribution, warehousing, and the ability to move product from a manufacturer, grower, or producer, to a retail outlet or a restaurant.

Learn more about how Burris Logistics partners as a distributor and with distributors.

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Dedicated custom storage and distribution solution backed by logistics technology and a dedicated fleet.

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Join Our Team in Waukesha
Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Become Essential with Burris Logistics in Waukesha, WI! We are looking to have dedicated, hardworking, motivated, and Team players join us as we continue to grow rapidly. As our company continues to grow, our partner's needs grow… and our Team grows. As a result,...