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The growth of e-commerce has taken the world by storm. Companies are being created based on the profitability, ease of start-up, ability to market, and willingness of customers to subscribe to a product they need.

Execution is even simpler if the e-commerce companies depend on a 3PL to handle the direct-to-consumer fulfillment and warehousing of the products.

The reputation of e-commerce companies depends on timeliness and the quality of the product in the order. As a result, 3PLs are gaining trust to handle the operations “behind the curtain.”

Burris Logistics offers direct-to-consumer fulfillment out of several geographically desirable warehouses, enabling us to ship to consumers within two days. We can handle your inventory of all products, including frozen, refrigerated, and shipping/packaging supplies to support your program.
E-commerce is about marketing, customer retention, and delivering a product that meets your customers’ expectations. You can focus on what you do best and trust us with the rest.

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As ONEBURRIS, Custom is putting Direct-to-Consumer Pick Mods in their facilities for new partners increasing our national reach from our warehouses.

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Make It Happen

Our Team Makes It Happen What does it mean to MAKE IT HAPPEN at Burris Logistics? From accountants to warehouse workers to HR managers, our Burris Logistics Team MAKES IT HAPPEN daily through leadership, motivation, determination, and teamwork. The supply chain...