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Facility Design

As part of designing a total customer solution, we consider every piece of the puzzle to include Facility Design. Facility Design is the process of considering new construction via greenfield facility sites or via the re-purposing of an existing operation.
Today, many companies are facing rapidly changing business needs, including the need for multi-channel execution. We have seen this with multiple temperature product lines as well as direct to consumer fulfillment for e-commerce partners. The ability to scale up and scale down with a variety of capabilities is becoming essential in planning.
Burris starts with a comprehensive understanding of our partner needs and potential future changes.  Ultimately, form follows function, and design considers temperature zone conversions, racking plans, and material handling equipment. Modular automation or semi-automated processes may also improve efficiency, yet allow for scalability and changing needs.
Finally, all of this must tie together with a technology package that supports direct workflows, inventory management, capture movements, and manage productivity.  Warehouse management systems, voice-directed processes, engineered labor standards, and work methods drive efficiency, accuracy, and optimization within the facility.
Facility Design from Burris Logistics Includes:
  • New or re-purposed sites in strategic geographic locations
  • Facility management
  • Mechanical systems
  • Food and industrial safety
  • Modular selection enhancements

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