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Freight Management

In April of 2019, Burris Logistics welcomed the community of Trinity Logistics to the Burris family.

trinity logistics logoSince April of 2019, Trinity Logistics has been the Burris Logistics brand responsible for freight brokerage. Trinity offers expanded market reach while maintaining a culture of excellent communication, individual attention; and strong carrier/customer relations. (Watch our “stronger together” video for more information.)

With a network of 70,000 authorized carriers, Trinity offers a full suite of transportation solutions paired with experience in a wide variety of select industries. We provide back-end information technology infrastructure as well as front-end devices that gather and report real-time critical shipment data.

With our Managed Transportation Solutions, our partners gain control and visibility of the supply chain, reduce costs, improve performance, and increase efficiencies. Trinity hired carriers to get your product where it needs to go, with you monitoring progress, every mile of the way.

Burris Logistics also boasts our own dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers that deliver to retail locations, club stores, and distributors. These assets can deploy to support all Burris brands with backhauls and dedicated distribution.

We offer a full array of transportation solutions:

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Join Our Team in Waukesha
Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Become Essential with Burris Logistics in Waukesha, WI! We are looking to have dedicated, hardworking, motivated, and Team players join us as we continue to grow rapidly. As our company continues to grow, our partner's needs grow… and our Team grows. As a result,...