There is consensus among supply chain executives that managing today’s cold chain effectively, safely, and with a commitment toward wringing out inefficiencies, maximizing shelf life, and exceeding the expectations of retail grocers and their customers requires a great deal of experience and knowledge.

The many complexities of managing time- and temperature-sensitive products are truly daunting. As a cold chain steward, Burris Logistics is dedicated to complying with stringent food safety regulations; making continuous investments in software, technology, assets and highly skilled employees; and forging strong and lasting relationships with customers in order to achieve the highest levels of performance possible.

Burris Logistics deep understanding of cold chain management coupled with our highly regarded longevity in the industry allows us to continue to build upon our heritage of integrity, quality and dependability. As one of the largest and most sophisticated temperature-controlled food distribution operations in the United States, we have earned the reputation as one of the leading logistics providers in the transportation, warehousing and distribution of temperature-controlled fresh and frozen foods.

Retailers, therefore, can seize the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by focusing on “building the brand” and delivering exceptional customer service, which is paramount. They can concentrate on these core competencies and allow an experienced partner such as Burris Logistics to integrate a customized and transparent solution that supports the retailer in delivering their product to the consumer.

It is for these reasons that customers reap the rewards of logistics providers like Burris Logistics that demonstrate a commitment to their customers by improving productivity and efficiency gains, generating transportation and distribution cost savings, and creating a more responsive and agile food supply chain. Most importantly, the win-win relationship established between the customer and its logistics provider ultimately extends to the consumer, where the real success is measured.


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Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

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