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Partnerships in Fulfillment

Our E-Commerce Process

Our partners are dependent on our processes being executed with expertise, safely and efficiently.

E-Commerce Solutions

Burris Logistics is a proud partner and E-commerce fulfillment provider. Our distribution center’s strategic locations and solution versatility allows our partners to trust us to ship, store, and fulfill their products directly to their customers. As with our other distribution programs, there is no such thing as one size fits all. We apply a customized approach to create a turnkey solution that includes technology integration, parcel shipping negotiation, box and shipping supply sourcing, and in-house expertise to help you navigate the logistics portion of your business.

Technology Solutions

Our logistics technology professionals create the bridge between logistics operations and the shopping site that your customers rely on. Our logistics technology team integrates your system with ours, ensuring that the right product, the right packaging, and the right amount of insulation and coolant is used to guarantee accuracy and safety. We divert each package to the right parcel shipping carrier to deliver fresh, frozen, and refrigerated products to consumer’s doorsteps in 2 days or less. With the Burris Supply Chain Portal, full integration can help you with inbound shipping, demand planning, PO creation, and more.

E-commerce Capabilities with Butcher Box

Freight Capabilities

Not everything happens in a Burris warehouse. Part of a complete E-commerce program includes connecting the links of the supply chain with both inbound and outbound freight. We have several options to keep your product inbound AND on the tables of your customers. The Burris Dedicated Fleet can be deployed to haul product between our locations to ensure that your reach and inventory are in sync. Trinity Logistics is Burris’ freight brokerage brand tying inbound freight to our locations and also providing versatility across modes. Parcel Shipping is the key to delivering products to doorsteps and can be the final link in both quality and cost. Our expert team members keep these costs low, and your subscription based customers coming back.

Existing Partners

Burris Logistics is well-positioned as an industry leader in E-commerce fulfillment, delivering products direct to consumers. Our expertise, and our partner’s success did not happen overnight. When E-commerce became a legitimate source of fresh, frozen, and refrigerated food kits, Burris stepped in to deliver meals to our nation’s homes. We worked side by side with small start-ups, learning about coolants, packaging, and parcel delivery while providing an anchor with our cold chain knowledge. Together, Burris Logistics has helped partners including Butcher Box, Splendid Spoon, Wild Alaskan and Hungry Root grow into household brands, serving tens of thousands of home deliveries a day.

Warehouse Incentive Selectors assist in bringing food from boxes to shelves and tables.