The demands and complexities associated with managing today’s cold chains are truly challenging and are on track to become even more rigorous going forward. Leading grocers, restaurants and other food retailers realize that successful cold chain management is not merely a requirement; it can actually contribute significantly in elevating a company’s brand and cultivate deep loyalty from its consumers. Trust, integrity and longevity matter a great deal when it comes to vetting a logistics provider. Burris Logistics is one of the largest temperature-controlled logistics providers in the United States and moves millions of cases to major supermarket and food retail operators every week.

What are the criteria for identifying the right supply chain partner to manage a company’s cold chain?
 For starters, it takes a genuine transparent partnership committed to innovation and a demonstrated commitment on the part of the supply chain partner to make investments in equipment, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, innovation, technology— and of course, knowledgeable and experienced people.

A diversified, asset-based logistics organization with an extensive network comprised of a modern transportation fleet, state-of-the-art cold storage and distribution facilities, and a willingness to invest in the most innovative technologies is essential.

There are not many logistics providers that can offer a comprehensive, turn key solution for cold chain management. For that reason, Burris Logistics with its four divisions and array of capabilities make the logistics provider a standout among the competition.

The ability to offer a diversified and comprehensive portfolio of services makes it seamless for customers to outsource their perishable refrigerated distribution, giving them a strategic advantage when it comes to enhancing the consumer’s experience and continuing to build their brand.


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