Partnerships That Scale

Burris Logistics makes partnerships our top priority. We strive to pair our solutions with your needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business. With locations across the nation, Burris Logistics empowers you to scale your E-commerce business at your own pace. We recognize that E-commerce is about reaching your customer. Burris Logistics acts as your supply chain, providing expertise, temperature-controlled warehouses, logistics technology, and more to ensure that your product is delivered fresh and on-time.

Our partnership with Splendid Spoon is an example of a successful, scalable partnership that grew organically over time. We’ve reached out to the VP of Operations of Splendid Spoon, Julian Corash, and highlighted why this e-commerce partner chooses to Make It Happen with Burris Logistics. 

Julian, tell us why Splendid Spoon chose to Make It Happen with Burris as a strategic partner? 

Splendid Spoon launched in 2013 as one of the earliest e-comm food companies. I would say that the last 2,5 years working with Burris has been a joy. We really hid a stride in the last year or so, and, collectively, we have worked together and uplevel our partnership, our operations, and our capabilities together. It’s really an integral part. Our partnership with Burris is integral to the success we are experiencing, particularly over the last six months, when the market has shifted quite a bit into the D2C favor. 

How are we adapting our service offerings in PRW to Splendid Spoon’s Needs? 

– To answer this question better, I think about three key points. Number one is Focus. Burris is focused on what we are good at, which is making and selling food. It is focused on all the increases from the warehouse, operations, management, and all the intricacies of distributing our product. Burris allows focusing on what’s truly important. 

Number two would be Scale. Scalable solutions help decrease men’s power and help the company’s economy overall. It is also a team of well-trained professionals and purchasing power, such as dry ice, insulation, custom shipping rates, freight. 

Number three would be Speed. Burris is focused on a partnership that leads to growth. The ability to expand while being limited on travels. It can take years to expand to a new location or facility, but Burris comes in handy. Burris is a turbo-booster to the small business.


 About Burris Logistics

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