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Retail & Foodservice

As multi-unit retail, club, and foodservice operators, you specialize in ensuring consistent satisfaction for your customers and their experience across many locations with unique regional and local needs. Your customers desire the right products, in place, at the right time. Out of stock or “86’d” menu items create lost sales today, and lost customers tomorrow. We understand how important it is to have on-menu and on-shelf products available at all times while also minimizing food waste. 

Burris Logistics has solutions to support you!  A partnership with us allows you to focus on your operation and the satisfaction of the people who dine with you. We take away the headache of planning inbound and outbound freight, and you know that our technology and properly run warehouses maintain food quality and safety. When one of our carriers or a tractor from our dedicated fleet arrives, you know it is full of fresh produce, quality food, and supplies to ensure that the best meal is on the table, not your reputation.