Seafood Capability

October is National Seafood Month. As one of the top food trends for 2020, sustainable seafood continues to be one of the most environmentally clean and efficient food sources.

The upward trend coincides with the increased demand among chefs offering healthier options to their guests. Households are also seeking more nutritious meals for their families and realizing that seafood is easy to prepare.

As a global distribution leader, the United States ships both farm-raised and wild-caught seafood around the world. Burris Logistics is a major link in this supply chain partnering with seafood companies to safely store and distribute seafood products. Millions of seafood pounds cross our dock doors, gaining us the experience to service our customers with well thought out solutions. Among Burris Logistics’ capabilities are retail distribution across the entire East Coast, transportation management, including inbound container loads, temperature-controlled warehousing, tracing, and inventory management software.

According to Burris PRW + Director of Sales, Mike Pitcher, “Fluctuating our services for our customers and focusing on ensuring that their products remain at a certain temperature throughout the journey through the cold-chain makes us truly successful at what we do.” Mike also mentions that “Burris Logistics provides endless warehouse handling opportunities such as (un)loading containers, pallet building, shuttle transfers to or from the customer plants, case selection for their customer orders, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for E-commerce brands.”

Speaking of E-commerce, one of our valuable and well-known seafood partners is Wild Alaskan. This sustainable seafood company offers wild-caught salmon, and various seafood favorites delivered right to your door! Wild Alaskan, VP of Marketing, Stephanie Hoppe, took the time to answer a few questions about our successful partnership.

Why did Wild Alaskan choose Burris Logistics as a strategic partner?
Consistency, growth, and location.
Both locations have great industry reputations for fulfilling orders extremely accurately, which is the key to maintaining trust in our relationship with our members.
Burris’ ability to scale and accommodate growth was discussed prior to partnering, and neither location has disappointed over the past few months of rapid growth for Wild Alaskan.
Finally, they are both in what I like to call frozen fulfillment ‘deserts.’ While eCom fulfillment is now a massive industry nationwide, this primarily pertains to dry, ambient products. Frozen and refrigerated are still expanding industries with many nuances that only a few companies have approached in relation to ambient fulfillment. Burris has taken to frozen fulfillment rather aggressively and has positioned itself in 2 areas, the southeast and south-central, where there are not strong frozen fulfillment presences. Most frozen companies are focused on the East and West coast as they’re the largest markets. Still, the country’s southern hotter sections are tough to deliver to, in good quality, without being as close to those consumers as possible.

How did Burris Logistics support Wild Alaskan during COVID? Is there a specific solution that was the most valuable, and why?
Burris was able to accommodate drastic increases in volume while maintaining high-performance pick rates. We were not delaying new subscriber orders because of limitations on fulfillment, and that let us be as successful as possible these past few months.

How does your partnership with Burris Logistics help you grow?
Because of Burris’s consistent and accurate fulfillment, like all of the companies we partner with, we keep the members they fulfill. One bad experience, and someone may never come back to ordering frozen eCom.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic shift your business for the foreseeable future?
We’ve always focused on supply chain and operations strength and redundancy; there are still a few areas to evolve.

Tell us about the latest seafood trends that you have encountered within the year of 2020.
For WA, we’ve seen a few trends more in the health & wellness arena – as our seafood is nutritionally dense. From our members, we have found they are interested in new species and trying new seafood. However, primarily it’s the fact that people crave high-quality, stunning seafood they can trust.

On the closing note, Burris Logistics’ VP of Transportation Business Development Anthony Megale adds that “being a dedicated and strategic partner requires us to capture loads of fresh fish coming off the boat at around 2 am. As soon as the load is received, we have it on trucks that same morning for delivery to our partners”. According to Anthony, “this process happens daily, which can not get much fresher than that”!

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