Supply Chain Gain, Without the Pain

Feb 26, 2015

Burris offers “Custom Retail Distribution” solution tailored for exceptional perishable service.

What does it mean for a company to have all the benefits of self-distribution without all of the headaches? If you are a client of Burris Logistics, you already know the answer to that question. That’s because Burris’ clients know what it is like to receive professional supply chain services that include procurement, distribution, and transportation, and still have control over all of those functions. It is all part of what Burris calls “Custom Retail Distribution.” Historically, retailers have really had only two viable choices for their perishable distribution. They can work through a wholesaler, or they could self-distribute. If the retailer chooses to go with a wholesaler, then it limits its control. Working with a wholesaler also makes it very difficult to separate the actual cost of the product from its distribution charges. Those companies that move to a self-distributing perishable supply chain find that it requires tremendous internal resources to assemble the knowledge, systems, physical infrastructure, and regulatory compliance expertise required to gain the exceptional service levels today’s customers demand.

That’s where Burris can offer the best of both models. Burris has taken its many decades of experience as a wholesaler and combined it with the expertise it has gained as a third-party logistics provider to create the Custom Retail Distribution (CRD) service. Donnie Burris, CEO of Burris Logistics, explains that the CRD service allows Burris to create dedicated, highly customized supply chain solutions that put the retailer completely in control, while at the same time, providing clear visibility for both product and distribution costs. “This frees up the retailer’s financial and human capital to focus on creating a compelling shopping experience for their customers, while Burris handles the procurement, warehousing, and transportation responsibilities,” he says.

The Custom Retail Distribution solution is tailored to meet the needs of the individual clients, while allowing them to maintain the desired level of control of their perishable products from procurement through store delivery. In choosing Burris, companies find a partner with a proven track record of cold chain stewardship. Burris handles procurement, distribution, and transportation — allowing smart retailers to focus on product selection, brand management, and the customer experience. The Procurement Team at Burris is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in fresh product procurement and sourcing. They provide significant purchasing power, while also handling all aspects of inbound logistics to secure products at the lowest possible landed costs. And when problems arise with vendors, team members are there to troubleshoot and resolve them quickly. Through it all, the customer maintains control over the vendor relationship, product selection, and deal negotiation.

Once the products are procured, the distribution aspect of the CRD service offers state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled and motivated workforce to fill customer orders quickly and accurately. Food safety and cold chain stewardship are an integral part of the facility design and staffing in all facilities. Burris uses the latest in distribution technology, supported by an experienced in-house team. Transportation is a service in which Burris has always excelled. Burris has made significant investments to provide the most reliable transportation experience for its customers. The next generation of efficient transportation assets is already serving clients at Burris Logistics.

Burris has worked with truck manufacturers and system providers to assure that its new vehicles have the latest safety systems, precise freight monitoring, ergonomic cabs, and engines that have increased fuel efficiency by up to 50 percent. When Burris reduces costs through its use of more efficient vehicles, it can pass those savings along to its customers. But the innovations are incorporated for more than simple financial reasons. They are part of Burris’ commitment to have the safest, most efficient fleet on the road today.