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Supply Chain Sustainability at Burris Logistics

Sustainability within the supply chain is crucial to the operations and direct day-to-day processes of our business. At Burris Logistics, we care heavily about how our brands impact the environment. We have taken the necessary steps to increase our green footprint in our warehouses, offices, and dedicated fleet. 

Dedicated FleetOur Dedicated Fleet is a huge part of our increased green efforts. Our technology can increase fuel mileage by almost 50% and lessen the environmental impact. We worked alongside Ryder and engine manufacturers to improve our vehicle’s design to become more aerodynamic to increase safety, along with decreasing mileage cost.

“Our trucks are constantly serviced to ensure peak performance. Keeping up with normal services on vehicles helps them maintain fuel efficiency. Trailers are constantly checked for proper temperature and operating properly,” Justin Gantz, Safety Manager at Honor Foods.

Honor Foods has 32 useable dock doors at their new facility that use the same system as our Burris Custom, and PRW Plus brands use voice activation. They also use double jacks and allow two pallets at a time to be utilized versus the one pallet, one guy, and one jack in sub-zero weather used in the past. This will enable us to increase efficiency by decreasing loading time and managing the temperature better. Additionally, the dock doors at our warehouses can open trailer doors from inside instead of outside, which helps with temperature management, preserving energy, and helps maintain product freshness.

Inside our warehouses and offices, we keep thermostats maintained at a comfortable level to reduce energy usage. Reducing waste and shrinkage is one advantage of pairing up with a trusted 3PL, such as Burris Custom. Retailers that turn fresh and perishable food items quickly increase shelf-life, reduce waste, and appeal to consumers’ desire for higher quality, better tasting, and longer-lasting fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods.

Sustainable Air doors in the warehouseOur air doors within the warehouses help ensure safety through greater visibility and reduced condensation. Burris has utilized voice technology for over ten years. Our warehouses freezing temperatures can lead to unsafe conditions caused by condensation, ice jams, and the impact temperature has on your body. Safety is still achievable with proper cleaning, insulation, and equipment upkeep. Clean environments are just as much about regulation and food integrity as it is about Team member safety.

“With our facility being new, we were able to install energy-efficient lighting. The new construction also allows the building to hold proper temperature (no gaps in doors, walls, etc.).,” Gantz. 

Our McDonough facility uses a synthetic refrigerate rather than ammonia-based. This assists with temperature maintenance by changing it up and down, like an at-home thermostat. In return, this means we use around one million less water than a typical facility our size would use. 

Our long-term business goals correlate with our sustainability efforts. Moving essential goods via the supply chain is complex, laborious work. To be successful, we must adopt new technologies and procedures to keep our team members safe and productive. We must also consider our world, and thus we are constantly aware of our corporate responsibility to leave things better than we found it. If we can reduce food waste, increase quality, optimize fuel and energy consumption, and implement renewable energy sources for fleet and cold storage facilities, then we feel as though we are contributing to a better future. 


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