The journey of fresh-cut flowers, from farm to Mom

From Flower Beds to Your Moms Doorstep

The cold chain consists of more than just frozen pizza, ice cream, and vegetables. Flower distribution also requires an intact supply chain to operate flawlessly, especially during national holidays such as Mother’s Day. At Burris Logistics, we have the expertise to handle the distribution of flowers from the flower bed to mom’s doorstep. 

Fresh-cut flowers are shipped to our DC’s(distribution centers)from our floral vendors in pots with a water/preservative blend that keeps the flowers in tip-top shape until they are delivered to our partner’s stores. Our primary concern is keeping the flowers in their cases upright and refrigerated at the correct temperature in our temperature-controlled warehouses.

Our DC’s usually see an increase in specialty holiday products during days like Mother’s Day. “We have one long-term flower vendor that has told us that their volume increases over 400% for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the busiest flower holiday of the year; Valentine’s Day is second,” Anthony Megale, VP of Asset Transportation Solutions. Interestingly, we also saw an increase in flower sales of 30% during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

fresh flower distributionCertain flowers are more prominent in our warehouses during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Carnations, roses, and tulips are some of the top sellers nationwide during Mother’s Day. “Roses and market bouquets are the most popular flowers our warehouses see. These are not any more difficult to store/distribute than the regular case flower distribution we handle daily,” Mike McGraw, VP of Purchasing.

Our flowers are shipped in our standard 38 degrees dedicated fleets, which allows them to be transported at the precise temperature efficiently, safely, and just in time to hit your local stores, mother’s doorsteps, and loved ones in two days! 


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