Welcome to Waukesha: Take a Virtual Tour of the Warehouse!

Burris Logistics is excited to MAKE IT HAPPEN in Waukesha!

We are expanding our Distribution and E-commerce Fulfillment Capabilities to Waukesha, WI. This is an exciting time where we are adding new Team Members and operational capability to the Waukesha community. We plan to be up and running in September of 2021. Please stay in touch as we post new jobs and start to move in!

We have announced the expansion of our Distribution and E-commerce Fulfillment capabilities in Waukesha, WI, but what does that mean for our Team, community, and partners?

Our new facility is over 100,000 square feet of temperature-controlled warehousing space, as well as 70,000 square feet of dry warehouse storage. THAT IS CORRECT. Our Waukesha location will allow us to store, transport, and manage dry products for our partners. 

This location offers 18 refrigerated loading docks that will enhance the efficiency of our service levels. Additionally, the growth of our footprint increases our reach and capacity in the midwest and densely populated areas such as Chicago, IL, and Fort Worth, TX.


Our E-Commerce Solutions

Our solutions include temperature-controlled warehousing, custom distribution, dry ice capabilities, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and more.

As an expert leader in frozen and refrigerated supply chain solutions, we can offer a new strategic location to our partners, which will increase delivery time and distribution capabilities. Our solutions include temperature-controlled warehousing, custom distribution, dry ice capabilities, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and more. We have the support of a network of dedicated fleet assets and logistics technology to play an integral part in the safe handling of our partner’s products. 

The strategic warehouse location of our new facility gives us easier accessibility to offer one-day delivery to over 85 million households or two-day delivery to over 215 million households for our E-commerce partners. We can reach Fort Worth, TX, and Denver, CO, in two days. 

We are prepared to customize our solutions per our partner’s needs, no matter what the product is. As long as our facility will support us, we will find a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

“We can offer a wonderful, à la carte customized service for really anything. Anything that this building can handle, whether it be parts storage, pharmaceutical storage, life sciences. If we can find a way to do it, we will do that,” John Hummel, President of Burris Logistics, Distribution, E-commerce Fulfillment, and Storage.


We are humbled to be able to expand career opportunities and operational capability to the Waukesha community. This September, we plan to be up and running with a future demand of over 100 dedicated Team members. If you or someone you know is interested in joining a Team that MAKES IT HAPPEN, apply here.

Check out the inside tour of our warehouse in Waukesha, WI, and learn how it assists in expanding our collaborative E-commerce solutions. 


Milford, DE – Burris Logistics, a leader in frozen and refrigerated product warehousing, distribution, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, is announcing the purchase of a warehouse facility in Waukesha, WI.

The facility in Waukesha features more than 100,000 square feet of temperature-controlled warehousing space and an additional 70,000 square feet of dry warehousing space. Burris Logistics expects to add approximately 100 team members to the Waukesha facility.

Burris Logistics division President John Hummel grew up in Waukesha County, saying, “I am proud to add well-paying jobs for the hard-working community members in Waukesha. Burris Logistics is a 95-year-old family business, and we support the Team Members that run our buildings”.

The addition of the Waukesha facility expands Burris Logistics’ capabilities and reach in the growing e-commerce industry, allowing delivery to consumer households within 1-2 shipping days.

“Our e-commerce partners require 1-2 day parcel shipping times to deliver their subscription food and other products safely and with the utmost quality,” said Nick Falk, Senior VP of Business Development at Burris Logistics. “Waukesha enables us to easily reach our partner’s customer base in densely populated communities like Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI, and as far as Denver, CO and Fort Worth, TX.”

Vice President of Marketing Bobby Bailey believes the strategic expansion into the region enhances the overall versatility of Burris Logistics. “Waukesha compliments the versatility of Burris Logistics as a partner, enabling us to store, distribute, and fulfill orders beyond food, beverage, and floral,” said Bailey.

The warehouse facility is located at 900 Gale Street in Waukesha.

About Burris Logistics
Established in 1925, Burris Logistics operates an expanding network of temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution centers from Connecticut to Florida and as far west as Oklahoma. This fifth-generation, family-owned enterprise provides leading-edge logistics, transportation, and supply chain solutions, coast to coast, through four distinct Business Units: Burris Custom Distribution, Burris PRW Plus, Honor Foods, and Trinity Logistics. For more information please visit www.burrislogistics.com or call 1-800-805-8135

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