Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

E-commerce solutions that let you focus on what you do best and outsource the rest

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment with Nationwide Reach

In a reflection of national trends, the newest and fastest-growing business line within Burris Logistics is our direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfilment, supporting our partners in the e-commerce space. Through our current resources and expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, we can deliver a premier frozen fulfillment network with cutting edge technology, thought leadership, and strategically located warehouses across the country.

Our e-commerce partners can reach a maximum number of consumers with reliable service and delivery solutions for both the east and west coasts. Fully scalable, our connection to packaging supplies, competitive shipping rates, and quality food products, allows us to meet the needs of e-commerce growth trends regionally and nationally.


E-Commerce Capabilities

Day National Reach

Direct-to Consumer Delivery Capability to All 50 U.S. States in Two Days or Fewer.

Dedicated Warehouses

Five Burris Logistics warehouses are dedicated to e-commerce solutions.

Monthly D2C Shipments

Burris Logistics is able to package and ship 300,000 direct-to-consumer shipments each month.

warehouse worker

How Burris Logistics supports e-commerce partners:

  • Strategic locations on the east and west coasts, and the ability to offer one-day delivery to 85 million households or two-day delivery to 215 million households.
  • Dedicated Team Members leading with innovative processes.
  • E-commerce expertise as early adopters with partners leading the industry. 
  • Burris Logistics Technology Team to collaborate with you, making technology easy for standard data interfaces, and integrated portals for system-wide transaction/inventory control.
  • Inbound and outbound freight resources to decrease operating costs with support from a trusted brand. 

Why Choose Burris Logistics For E-Commerce Solutions?

  • Expert Team Members pair your e-commerce business with our direct-to-consumer experience.
  • Knowledge of business need from start-up to successful national programs
  • Versatility with in temperature-controlled warehouses for a multitude of product types from food to bio and life sciences.
  • National footprint of warehouses with strategic partners for delivery to customer’s doorsteps maintaining quality and product integrity.

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