Environmental, Social, and Governance

Our Core Pillars of Responsibility

At Burris Logistics, our commitment to our Team, Partners, Community, Environment, and Industry is woven into our daily operations and future strategy. Our efforts show that our business and team members contribute to reducing waste, fostering inclusivity, and strengthening the communities we reside in.

  • Environmental – We operate under the awareness of the impact our facilities, assets, and operations have on the environment. Focusing on more efficient technology, equipment, and practices, our business is able to reduce waste, cost, and emissions while remaining safe and profitable.
  • Social – Improving the quality of life for our team members and our community is paramount. Burris Logistics and its child companies continue to implement and enhance health/safety, employee assistance, education, charitable donations, team member development, and community service. We strive for fair hiring practices and ongoing development and mentoring for all Team Members.
  • Governance – Together, Burris Logistics leadership and future strategy ensures that our family-owned business is around for years to come. Leaders are responsible for the financial reporting of their business units and for implementing best practices within each facility or office. Leaders ensure that the interest of family, Team Members, and all stakeholders are duly represented.

Specifically, Burris Logistics:

  • Designs and maintains a fleet of tractor and trailers that are optimized for aerodynamics, safety, and efficient operation.
  • Builds and operates facilities with LED lighting, efficient cooling systems, and proper insulation to prevent heat loss, increased emissions, and wasteful operating expenses.
  • Implements safety monitoring in all facilities and in our leased fleet tractors to capitalize on development opportunities when incidents occur.
  • Promotes robust health programs/benefits to include EAP Program, Chaplain Services, and access to medical services with tele-health options.
  • Creates on-site safety programs to alleviate workplace injuries. Our staff of safety captains and athletics trainers ensure best practices increase Team Member skill and prevent injury.
  • Provides tuition to Team Members for Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s Degree programs through the University of Arizona Global Campus.
  • Commits to development and mentorship for minority Team Members interested in learning leadership skills.
  • Donates financial assistance and Team Member time to charitable organizations in each facility’s community. Burris Logistics has close relationships with The United Way, MERIT of Delaware, and other local organizations that contribute to education and services for the homeless and impoverished.