The story of Burris Logistics began in 1925 when John W. Burris and his father, Edward, recognized an opportunity in delivering tomatoes from the farms in lower Delaware and Maryland to markets in Philadelphia. On the return trips, they delivered freshly baked bread to Acme Markets, a continuously-serviced customer since.

Five generations of Burris family members and a team of more than 2,000 dedicated employees have maintained the guiding principles John W. Burris set forth nearly a century ago. Stewardship of the business has been passed to succeeding sons John E. “Jack” Burris, Bob Burris, and presently to Donnie Burris, CEO. Along the way, much has changed, yet stayed the same.

Our core values of integrity, commitment to true partnerships with service excellence, and an innovative solutions-focused spirit have been fostered and maintained throughout the Company’s history. Change has come in the form of automation and technological advances in information technology, communications, refrigeration advances, modernized fleets and facilities, and vastly improved processes.
Today, Burris Logistics, through end-to-end supply chain solutions, specializes in the precision handling of multiple categories of food goods and related items at virtually all temperatures and points along the supply chain. Burris Logistics got its start as a cold chain pioneer and today leads the industry in applying the knowledge and experience of the past with the technology and vision necessary for the future.


During the summer of 2021, Burris Logistics purchased and opened a warehouse in Waukesha, WI. The 160,000 square foot Waukesha facility boasts capability across multiple temperature zones to include ambient/dry. This push farther west represents Burris Logistics' commitment to strategic distribution and e-commerce fulfillment, gaining more efficient access to the midwest, Texas, and Colorado.


A new 225,000 square foot warehouse facility was built for Honor Foods in Philadelphia at the former Frankford Military Arsenal site. This new facility gave Honor Foods the capacity to broaden its product portfolio to better serve its customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.


Burris Logistics announced that it has acquired Trinity Logistics.


On the 40th Anniversary of the fire that destroyed our Harrington, DE warehouse in the midst of a blizzard, Burris Logistics team members who experienced this tragedy first-hand, reflect on the challenges and culture at work to ensure operations were quickly restored. Watch the Burris Harrington Fire video

Late 2018

October, 2018 Burris acquires Oklahoma City warehouse.


Burris opens 250,000 square-foot public refrigerated warehouse in McDonough, Georgia.


Burris Freight Management, a business line of Burris Logistics announced that it has acquired Iowa-based, Streamline Logistics.


Burris Logistics Technology team rolls out the Supply Chain Portal, which provides end-to-end visibility and transparency of the Supply Chain.


Lillian Burris (wife of former CEO Jack Burris) passes away on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Early 2010

Burris sells three facilities: Sumter, SC, Benson, NC, and Chesapeake, VA (pictured).

Burris receives the “Operator Friendly” Award in recognition of our valued partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club.

The Company establishes four business segments: Custom Supply Chain Solutions, Foodservice Redistribution, Cold Storage and Transportation Management.

The "Burris Delivers for You" concept was established emphasizing:

o Culture of integrity focused on exceptional customer service.
o Track record of starting up challenging programs delivered with flawless implementation.
o Seamless integration across any and all I.T. platforms and business processes.
o Guaranteed performance levels that customers can count on.
o Effective management of consigned or owned inventory through extensive procurement expertise.
o Strong vendor relationships that benefit our clients and vendors alike.


Donnan “Donnie” Burris is promoted to CEO after his father, Robert D. “Bob” Burris, the 4th generation leader of Burris Logistics, passes.


Bob Burris, President, and CEO of Burris Logistics passes away on September 19, 2010. Bob began working for the family business at the age of 12. He willingly passed along his ideas, experience and natural talents as a successful businessman to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Watch the Easton Prayer Breakfast video Watch the Live United video


Burris develops Burris University: a week-long training program focused on developing the Burris culture, leadership, and management.

Burris acquires N. Winer & Son, Springfield, MA, adding to its foodservice redistribution capabilities.


Lakeland completes an addition to the facility to total 117,247 sq. ft.


Rocky Hill, Connecticut facility was built.

Burris Logistics Technology team embarks on a major technology modernization project.


Burris signs contract for a custom distribution program with The Fresh Market.


Burris strengthens its foodservice redistribution capabilities by acquiring Honor Foods based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Purchases D.L. Matthews and incorporates into Federalsburg operation.


Elkton, MD facility is built.


John E. “Jack” Burris, 3rd generation leader passes. “A Mountain of a Man with the Soul of an Angel.”


Second Lakeland, Florida, facility is purchased


Ed Givens, Richard Black, and all of the associates at Federalsburg are to be congratulated on winning the Giant Food, Inc. (Landover, MD) Vendor of the Year Award for the second year in a row. It says that of all the vendors that supply this chain of 190 stores with meats, poultry, deli, produce or floral, - Burris Logistics is the best. In the world of chain store retailing this is a "Big Deal", Hats off to the Federalsburg Team!


Burris completes major upgrade to its Warehouse Management software. Rolled out initially to the Federalsburg, Maryland location.


Federalsburg Wins “Vendor of the Year Award” from Giant Landover.


Burris enters Florida through SACS purchase, which included two buildings in Jacksonville, one in Haines City, one in Lakeland, and one in Orlando (which was sold). There were five buildings in total.

May: Burris Foods, Inc., becomes Burris Logistics

Sept: Rolled out first in-house warehouse Operating system V3 installed at Federalsburg (pictured). What a date in history for Burris and America.

Purchased Webster, MA freezer later sold in 2004


Proud Grandfather

Pictured is Jack Burris with two of his twelve grandchildren, Megan Burris Fischer and Donnie Burris (current CEO of the company) at the opening of the new Burris Orlando facility in 2001.


Burris adds the New Castle facility to its portfolio to accommodate a major new customer.

Late 1990’s

Pictured: Jack Burris with his three sons, Bob, Howard and John.


Benson, North Carolina, facility

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Benson, NC on Tuesday, August 20, 1996, at the site on Gilbert Road of U.S. 302 between Interstate 40 and 95. The first phase, scheduled to be completed by February 1, 1997, will contain 125,000 sq. ft. and will employ approximately 40 people.

This Facility was built to provide storage for the protein-producing companies in the southeast. It also has tremendous blast capacity.


Four generations of the Burris Family

Jack Burris, his son (and former CEO) Bob Burris, Bob’s son (and current CEO) Donnie Burris and Donnie’s one-year-old son Davis Burris.


Pop Jack’s Video

Presented at Burris Foods Focus ’96 Seminar


Expansion to the Harrington facility. This addition, known as the Conventional Section, is set up similarly to our other locations and uses forklifts rather than cranes to select product.

Early 1990’s

1991: Chesapeake, VA facility built.

1993: Sold Kent Sussex Tire Service

Pictured is Jack and Lillian Burris with their daughter, Lilla, and her husband, Bob Hoopman, joined by Vice President of Superfresh, Casper Jenko, for a Superfresh store opening in Baltimore, Maryland.


Burris develops its first, proprietary Warehouse Management System software application.


Burris constructs Lyndhurst, Virginia facility.


Jack Burris pictured with his sons, Howard, Bob, and John. At the time this photo was taken, Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream was the number one volume item shipped out of Burris Food’s Harrington location.

Late 1980’s

1987: Burris purchases Glacier

1988: Burris acquires Sumter, South Carolina, facility (pictured)

1988: Burris acquires Federalsburg, Maryland, facility. This 137,727 square foot, retail case pick distribution center serves the eastern U.S. and houses refrigerated dairy, deli, produce and other specialty products.

Early 1980’s

1981: 1st Board Meeting

1985: Burris sells Foodservice to Sandler Foods of Virginia Beach

1986: Burris starts its first Formal Management Training Program with Bob and Joyce Anderson


Milford Hospital Fair. Jack and Lillian Burris and their son, Bob.


On February 19, 1979 our Harrington, DE warehouse was destroyed by a fire in the midst of a blizzard. Many say that the Burris "Make it Happen" core value was established that day, for despite the total loss of inventory and use of our warehouse, we were up and running again in a matter of months. Watch the Burris Harrington Fire video


Division of Bayshore Foods. Kane Miller later purchases Eventually Perdue. 1973: Burris builds Harrington facility. This retail case pick distribution center provides a full line of frozen foods to supermarkets, carrying more than 5000 SKUs. 1976: The company sells Burris Food Distributors, Inc. to Tom Pinto, a contract carrier for Acme Markets and A&P.


In the early 1960’s, Jack Burris was head of the Delmarva poultry industry. It was during this time that KFC’s Col. Sanders’ came to cook chicken for the Burris Family. Pictured is Jack, Lillian & Colonel Sanders.


Burris also had another side business, ​Burris Poultry​.

This picture shows Burris team members processing poultry in the building that is now our corporate headquarters in Milford.

Burris Poultry (processing plant) merges with J. McKinney Willis (grain and feed) to create Bayshore Foods. The processing plant in Milford’s name is changed to Shorgood Poultry Company.


A 25-year charitable giving commitment begins; Burris family members and employees first volunteer to cook chicken at the annual Milford Hospital Fair. This companywide fundraising effort continued for the next 25 years.


Our original pick system in our first frozen food warehouse. Burris Team Members are picking a load of Crosse and Blackwell Frozen Orange Juice.


1946: Burris acquires Kent-Sussex Tire Service Company, a Seaford, Delaware-based business.

1948: Food Distributor: Frozen Foods and fresh meats

Late 1940’s: Burris begins shipping frozen foods and fresh meats out of this freezer in Milford, Delaware.


Burris fleet of trailers.
These trailers hauled all of the groceries, bread and produce for Acme Markets and A&P from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia at the time.


1930: Burris Express sold to The Victor Lynn Company.

1939: Burris Foods establishes Burris and begins laying the groundwork for eventually branching into food-service redistribution, public refrigerated warehousing, custom and retail specialty work


The steamship Frederica was bought by the Burris family in 1928 and used to transport tomatoes from Frederica, Delaware, to the Campbell Soup Co. in Camden, New Jersey. Coal was sometimes hauled on the return trip. Photo credit Delaware Public Archives. Content credit Milford Historical Society.


Burris Express started with two accounts, Acme Markets and A&P. John W. Burris and his father, Edward, worked together shipping tomatoes from the Delmarva Peninsula into Philadelphia. On the return trip, they carried Acme Market’s bread to its Delmarva region stores.


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