Trend-Setting Logistics Deep-Rooted Values

Purpose & Values

Burris Logistics comprises two unique operating brands, Honor Foods and Trinity Logistics. Each brand operates independently, offering solutions in various areas of the supply chain. Honor Foods, and its brands, R.W. Zant and Sunny Morning Foods, provide exceptional capabilities as redistributors in the East Coast, West Coast, and Southeastern regions. Additionally, in-house products provide quality options at competitive prices. Trinity Logistics has established itself as an industry leader in freight brokerage, focusing mainly on chemical, cold chain, and heavy haul shipments that require specialized training, equipment, and handling. While each brand operates exceptionally on its own, having the ability to collaborate as One Partner. Many Solutions. is what sets us apart in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. In 2023, our organization started a journey to develop, live, and share our core purpose and values. As a culture, we defined HOW we act with our Customers and Vendors.

Now, we have a clear view of how our collective expertise across several strong brands determines the course for success in the future. Our Culture strengthens our company and paves our way towards being a premier partner and workplace for decades.

We don’t take on every job but excel at the hard ones. Rooted in a cold environment, our expertise in handling perishable products has made us an industry leader in solving tough supply chain problems across industry verticals including Chemical Shipping, Heavy Haul, Foodservice, and Government Supply Chain. We adapt to changing markets and commodities to keep foodservice distributors and operators competitive. Our freight brokerage capability moves complex loads requiring the utmost care and personal attention. In addition, we are a people-first business, rewarding dedication and hard work from our Team Members. Workplace reward and family support are paramount, and we would not be successful without our Teams.


Our Shared Purpose and Values

In our ONEBURRIS Workplace, Our Purpose and Values are shared across our family of brands. The HOW is just as important as the WHAT. We know we have the same capabilities as our competitors, but our Team Members make the difference. Our Team Members, plus our Family Values is what makes us unbeatable!

Our Purpose

Improving lives and supply chains by solving tough problems.

Our Values

Make It Happen

With integrity we are persistent in overcoming obstacles, delivering beyond expectations.

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We share a passion for serving others and take extreme ownership of creating the best possible experience.

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We Not Me

Through listening and collaboration, we selflessly solve problems to create success.

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