What is it Like Being an Incentive Selector?

Heroes of the Supply Chain. Warehouse Incentive Selectors assist in bringing food from boxes to shelves and tables.

One type of hero in our distribution centers (DC’s) are Warehouse Incentive Selectors. These heroes do not wear capes (well, maybe sometimes), but they do wear protective gear, headsets, gloves, and a smile to MAKE IT HAPPEN for our Team, partners, and community daily. 

So, what is a Warehouse Incentive Selector? Selectors are responsible for meeting or exceeding production and safety standards, utilizing material handling equipment to perform duties, and safely and accurately selecting products from directions provided through a voice headset. Learn more about the Warehouse Incentive Selector position.

A Warehouse Incentive Selector is in charge of how much they get paid by how they work. This position is paid hourly but based on performance (some sign-on bonuses and rewards are given based on employment length). 

Victor Rivera, one of our Selectors, says it is pretty much like you are in charge of your workday and how much you accomplish; you have to be determined, hardworking, and reliable. 

The selectors are responsible for going up and down the aisles on an eclectic pallet jack and selecting products slot by slot. A voice prompt guides them where to go and what to pick via headsets. The jacks usually operate around five mph, not as fast as the batmobile, but we make it work. This means it is VERY important our Team remains safe by being aware of their surroundings. 

These heroes are not only having to protect their joints and muscles by stretching throughout their shifts due to the consistent bending and lifting, but they also have to wear the proper protective clothing to support their bodies. Our temperature-controlled warehouses range anywhere from 30 degrees to -20 degrees in the freezer. BURR! But, hey, our heroes aren’t afraid to turn up the heat and MAKE IT HAPPEN while working on getting the job done right. 

We want our Team to stay safe at work so they can hit a PR at the gym, lift their son with ease, or play their favorite sports game with zero pain! So, we take our heroes’ safety and workplace happiness very seriously. 

A healthy balance of work – personal life is of the utmost importance to our Team too. By ensuring our Team experiences a healthy and happy work-life balance, we also see an increase in productivity.

Each of our Burris Logistics locations is unique and is filled with different work environment culture. All of them are team-centric workplaces that encourage our Team to illuminate their day-to-day self into their work-life while also working together in a positive work environment. All of our core values are implemented at each of our locations. 

Burris Logistics also offers excellent medical, dental, and vision benefits, company benefits for employees, 401K with company match and flexible spending accounts, legal aid, tuition reimbursement, competitive pay, and more! Join our Team as a Warehouse Incentive Selector, today!

 About Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics is the operational brand of Burris Logistics offering traditional cold storage, distribution, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for ecommerce companies. Since 1925, this family-owned company has expanded its networks of warehouses from Florida to Maine, and now out to the pacific coast of California. For more information about us please visit www.Burrislogistics.com.