March 13, 2022

Collaborative E-Commerce Solutions: It’s What We Do.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Over the most recent few years, online retail and online grocery shopping have grown exponentially — giving retailers, producers, manufacturers and consumers more powerful tools to utilize. However, this growth has presented challenges to our partners and difficulties in keeping up with increasing order volume.

At Burris Logistics, we are experts in fulfilling the end-to-end supply chain needs for our e-commerce partners. And our solutions and services extend far beyond product storage and transportation.

As a partner with dedication and experience, we provide our e-commerce partners with full-service logistics solutions including:

  • Logistics technology
  • Temperature-controlled warehousing
  • Specialized packaging
  • Parcel shipping rate negotiation
  • Dry ice handling
  • Subject matter expertise
  • And much more!

Let’s take a closer look at some of these solutions.

Logistics Technology

Burris Logistics offers logistics technology solutions — allowing our partners complete control and visibility of their entire supply chain.

We have embarked on a technology initiative with the goal of increasing the accuracy and communications regarding shipment locations and predicted arrival times. Burris Logistics Product Manager Gregory Inns described this effort as an investment in efficiency. 

“We are planning to invest in technology that will increase efficiency in our e-commerce replenishment and selection processes, which will allow us to scale up and become more accurate with order processing,” Gregory Inns — Product Manager at Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics’ customized IT Solutions Technology has effectively replaced many of the manual processes behind complex tasks such as inbound appointment scheduling, yielding more efficiency and productivity for our team and and our partners. Logistics Technology is transforming the way we manage time and temperature-sensitive products and how we fulfill our customers’ needs.

Through Logistics Technology, Burris Logistics offers transparency — holding us accountable for executing all our solutions while meeting our partners’ needs and timely delivery. In addition, the Burris Logistics Supply Chain Portal extends our capabilities, allowing us to reach more of our partners’ appropriate carriers, vendors, and brokerage agents to implement Inbound Appointment Scheduling to our distribution centers (DCs). 

Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics Company, works hand-in-hand with us on Inbound Deliveries, allowing us to manage all of our partners’ freight through their team.

The Logistics Technology at Burris Logistics yields more operational accuracy within our cold chain operations. When it comes to dealing with specialty products such as meat, ice cream, and other temperature-sensitive goods, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision. Our technology allows us to ensure the safe handling and distribution of the products we manage. Additionally, by utilizing scales at the end of our pick lines, we have the ability to correctly weigh our partners’ products with and without the dry ice they require.

Dry ice plays an important role in the e-commerce process by keeping products refrigerated in their boxes at the temperature needed to maintain their freshness and integrity. Our technology allows us to see the fluctuation in the line types and dry ice amounts used for each specific product. In addition, we offer dry ice sourcing and can provide gel packs when that coolant is preferred. This helps to keep landed costs down.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Burris Logistics’ storage capabilities allow us to store frozen and refrigerated products in a friendly environment.  In addition to frozen and refrigerated products, our facility in Waukesha, WI, can also store dry/ambient products.

Frozen food items and direct-to-consumer meals/frozen products that can be delivered right to the consumer’s door has been a fast-growing and highly-desired solution. Among the main reasons for giving preference to frozen food items are:

  • Longer shelf-life
  • Time-savings on preparation
  • The ability to stock up in case of food shortages
  • Limiting trips to grocery store

We offer proper storage and packaging of these products to reach consumer homes safely.

Temperature-controlled warehousing capabilities are vital to our variety of partners. We understand that different products require specific environments, which is why our facilities are designed to support a number of different temperatures and humidities — depending on your unique needs. 

Our Logistics Technology gives us the ability to closely monitor each environment and deploy cutting-edge tools such as our Produce Inspection Tool to inspect the quality of the produce coming into our warehouses for our partners.

Parcel Shipping Costs

The overall cost of an e-commerce order is tied to parcel shipping rates. At Burris Logistics, we help mitigate that barrier of entry for our partners’ customers by helping to keep parcel shipping costs low. Our aggregate approach with FED-Ex, UPS, and other local carriers allow us to keep delivery costs low and accuracy high.  

Coast-to-Coast Delivery Solutions

Our e-commerce partners are able to reach a maximum number of consumer households with reliable service and delivery solutions for both the east and west coasts. A large part of this is due to Burris Logistics’ geographic footprint

Our e-commerce partners are empowered to scale their business at their own pace by utilizing Burris Logistics’ strategic locations across the U.S. We recognize that e-commerce is about reaching customers. For our e-commerce partners, Burris Logistics acts as their supply chain, providing expertise, temperature-controlled warehouses, logistics technology, and more to ensure that their product is delivered fresh and on time. Our strategic locations give us the ability to deliver any order in the continental United States in two days or fewer. As a company dedicated to e-commerce brands, we are constantly expanding our network of Direct-to-Consumer warehouses to gain faster parcel shipping capabilities as well as the type of products we can handle from food to dry products. 

Growing Consumer Interest in Frozen Foods

Published on August 11, 2020: The promising rebound in the foodservice industry in June gave many hopes that things would soon return to normal. However, the continuous increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. convinced the states to roll back the reopening phases, which led to restaurants opening at limited capacity. Buying groceries online or in-store and cooking at home remained the main focus for American families for many weeks to come. According to an AFFI report, “90% of consumers are eating more meals prepared at home versus pre-pandemic. Besides, 73% of consumers are taking more time to prepare meals than usual – both present big opportunities for the frozen food department.”

Among the main reasons for giving preference to frozen food items are the longer shelf-life, time-savings on preparation, the ability to stock-up in case of food shortages, and limiting trips to grocery stores. 

Besides the growing interest in frozen foods, consumers adopted new shopping methods and started to rely more on buying products online. U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2020 report conducted by FMI states that “Last year shoppers reported online grocery spend represented 10.5% of all grocery spending. That figure rose to 14.5% in February of 2020 and surged to 27.9% in the March/April period.” The fast-growing surge shows that the demand for online grocery shopping will not only remain stable but also will keep ascending. According to AFFI, “50% of consumers expect they will purchase a lot more (18%) or somewhat more (32%) frozen foods in the next few months compared to their pre-pandemic level.”

Burris Logistics is proud to be a leader in frozen and refrigerated food supply-chain solutions. We can offer our partners, cold-chain expertise, innovative technology integrations, competitive parcel shipping rates, and next-day distribution to 87% of the United States population. We have e-Commerce fulfillment sites in New Castle, DE, Jacksonville, FL, Oklahoma City, OK, Federalsburg, MD, and we have access to an e-fulfillment facility in California. We offer a unique opportunity to combine our technology and knowledgeable team members to create a turn-key approach to fulfillment for your e-commerce customers. Here, at Burris Logistics, we do it with WOW Service!

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