May 2, 2024


What started in 1925 as a father and son team delivering tomatoes from farms in Delaware and Maryland to markets in Philadelphia, is now a family of businesses rooted in logistics technology, warehousing and freight solutions, and reliable and expert customer service. While still a family business — now in its fifth generation — and without compromising the core values Burris was built on of integrity, commitment to true partnerships with service excellence, and an innovative solutions-focused spirit, Burris Logistics has also adapted with the times, and experienced significant growth.

Following the acquisitions of Honor Foods and Trinity Logistics, Burris Logistics grew into a more dynamic company with wide-ranging solutions and the ability to foster partnerships across virtually all industries in the supply chain. With this growth, it is important to remind ourselves, as well as current and future partners, that we are more than three different businesses with common leadership, but rather — we are ONEBURRIS.

“ONEBURRIS is a true representation of how the Burris Logistics family of companies operate. Burris Logistics, as a parent company to Trinity Logistics, and Honor Foods, represents both end-to-end supply chain management and a culture of serving our Team Members and Customers.”

– Donnie Burris, President/CEO

The ONEBURRIS philosophy is ‘team before self,’ fostering collaboration to promote our full capabilities and increase our customer engagement. To support this philosophy, we developed a new purpose and shared values in 2023.

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About Burris Logistics

Established in 1925, Burris Logistics has evolved in the supply chain industry, building expertise in a variety of services. We gained a reputation for expertly operating a wide network of temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centers from Maine to Florida and as far west as Oklahoma. As a fifth-generation family-owned company, we have provided leading-edge logistics, transportation, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and more. In 2024 we offer two brands: Honor Foods (a redistributor of frozen, refrigerated and dry foodservice products), and Trinity Logistics (a global freight solutions provider). For more information about our dependable supply chain solutions, please

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The ONEBURRIS philosophy is ‘team before self,’ fostering collaboration to promote our full brand line…

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