March 11, 2022

Making I.T. Happen with Innovative Technology

Logistics technology — especially when dealing with temperature-sensitive products — is not as simple as downloading an app update on your digital device. Burris Logistics’ customized technology solutions, powered by more than 100 talented Team Members, improves supply chain efficiency, boosts profitability and productivity, and allows for crystal clear transparency for our partners. 

Our customized IT technology places our partners ahead of the curve through 360 degree visibility for all parties involved in the food logistics supply chain process. The technology ensures partners are alerted as new and pertinent information becomes available. Our technology solutions are customized to a partner’s needs — providing important details while allowing them to focus on what they do best.  

“Our solutions reflect our commitment to ‘get like the customer,'”said Burris Logistics Project manager Gregory Inns. “Which means that we try to figure out what questions they have and why. We then craft our solutions to answer those questions in the most direct way.”

In the last few years, we have prioritized efforts to improve our technology and IT Solutions to better serve our partners. We have seen the evolution of the Burris Supply Chain Portal, allowing us to expand our capabilities for both partners and Burris Logistics operation teams. We now reach more carriers, vendors, and brokerage agents through the implementation of Inbound Appointment Scheduling to our distribution centers (DCs). 

“Internally, we’ve raised the visibility of activity in the yards at several DCs, both in terms of backhauls that are waiting and temporary storage trailers; reduced the effort, and increased the efficiency of our schedulers and receiving administrative staff. We’ve made great strides to strengthen the security of our applications by implementing true multi-factor authentication,” said Inns.

Burris Logistics is also increasing the accuracy and communication around the location and predicted arrival times of shipments. There is also a commitment to invest in technology to increase efficiency in our e-commerce replenishment and selection processes, which will allow us to scale up and become more accurate with order processing.”

Our customized IT Solutions Technology has lessened the manual efforts required to manage complex tasks like inbound appointment scheduling, easing and increasing efficiency and productivity our partners and the Burris Logistics team. Logistics Technology transforms the way we manage time and temperature-sensitive products and how we fulfill the needs of our customers.

We Make I.T. Happen!

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