November 13, 2020

Trinity Logistics: Experts In Heavy Haul Shipments

Shipping heavy equipment, whether the load is for construction, lumber, or building materials, can bring a wide range of challenges along the way. Shipping heavy haul equipment requires specialized trailers that can handle oversized and overweight loads keeping in mind the legal requirements. From length to width requirement, from height to weight, the shipment is considered to be a heavy haul trucking as soon as shipping exceeds the allowed legal dimensions set by a particular state and regarding the specifics of the route. Here’s where Trinity Logistics comes in hand.

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September 21, 2020

AFFI Supply Chain Solutions Summit

In September 2020, Burris Logistics hosted a webinar on overcoming the challenges of Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment  — an increasingly popular distribution method, especially in today's climate — by partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The webinar, part of the AFFI Supply Chain Solutions Summit, featured subject matter experts from Burris Logistics as well as guest partners from Splendid Spoon and Mosaic Foods — ecommerce food service brands who broke down the barriers often associated with Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment through strategic logistics partnerships.

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