Burris Logistics Distribution Center
Jacksonville, FL

General Manager Contact

Maurice Grier

Maurice Grier

General Manager

A Message From Maurice

“In Jacksonville our philosophy is to develop a team committed to improving quality, productivity, and service with a long-term plan for continual growth with our team members, customers, and suppliers. We also believe it is management’s responsibility to work continuously on the processes necessary to bring together all of the interdependent components that work together to accomplish the goals of the organization. Additionally, we have to encourage effective communication at all levels in the organization in order to break down barriers so that everyone, including our customers, can take pride in the services we provide.”

Facility Specs

  • Acquired by Burris in 2001
  • Addition built in 2003
  • Total warehouse square footage: 226,000 ft2
  • Refrigerated space: 197,000 ft2
  • 20,500 pallet positions
  • 4 temperature-controlled rooms
  • 28 dock doors
  • 3 car rail siding
  • SQF level 2 certification

Burris LogisticsOur distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida, promotes the best from our team members and seeks to do the best for our customers. Our logistics services allow our customers to connect their supply chain with temperature-controlled warehousing and services across all product requirements.  It is our goal to exceed your demands to the best of our ability. Because of the growing E-commerce development of our customers, we develop new ways to answer their supply chain needs, freeing them up from the difficult tasks that we do best: storage, fulfillment, distribution, transportation.

Our Jacksonville location is part of our PRW+ (Public Refrigerated Warehousing) brand. The services this brand offers include: storage in a temperature-controlled environment (-20°F to 58°F), Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment, product tempering by the customer or product specification, case selection/order assembly/pallet kitting, cross-docking, and online reporting under our Warehouse Management System.

If you have supply chain needs and desire a true partnership, please call us at 1-800-805-8135 or contact our ONEBURRIS Sales Team to discuss a partnership.


4501 Dignan St.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
Phone: (904) 265-5990
Fax: (904) 389-2199


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