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Why Burris?

There are many excellent third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the industry, including those who specialize in handling temperature-sensitive products such as fresh, perishable food. However, there is no margin for error in this space. Mistakes, delays, and lack of focus can result in food waste, diminished shelf life or more significantly, failed food safety regulations and potentially endangering consumers. Competency is critical when it comes to cold chain management. However, that’s only the starting point.

What makes Burris Logistics the provider of choice for so many national wholesalers and direct-to-consumer brands?


There are few organizations that can claim a century of successful operations and even fewer in the logistics industry. Since 1925, family-owned Burris Logistics has expanded and evolved (view timeline). From our “ice house” origins to today, national retailers and leading-edge, e-commerce startups turn to us of for end-to-end supply chain solutions. We’re one of the largest and most sophisticated controlled-temperature food distribution operations in the nation, and we continue to build upon our heritage of integrity, quality and dependability.


Our unique company culture is our competitive differentiator. Our team members are valued and respected by employers who recognized the important role our people have in ensuring food safety. The industries we serve, our customers, and their needs drive us. To be responsive, flexible and agile in service, we remain stable, committed and disciplined in our focus.


Is Burris a logistics company that provides technology solutions… or a technology company that manages logistics? The answer is yes.

Whether our customers are seeking logistics solutions powered by technology, or unique technology to power their logistics, Burris can make I.T. happen.

Through a unique discovery process, we engage in advanced technology to meet the specific needs of our customers, or the consumers. From order entry to real-time product tracking, we use technology to expedite the logistic process and drive down costs at all levels. With a fully-staffed and internal technology team, we develop our own software — which makes us unique in this industry — enabling us to do things faster than our competitors. We make it easy for technologies to meet and connect on virtually any platform and environment.


Join Our Team in Waukesha
Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Join Our Team In Waukesha, WI!

Become Essential with Burris Logistics in Waukesha, WI! We are looking to have dedicated, hardworking, motivated, and Team players join us as we continue to grow rapidly. As our company continues to grow, our partner's needs grow… and our Team grows. As a result,...